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well i have one for sell if you are intersted email me at

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Q: Where can you get a power acoustik model number PEQ-007?
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What is Power acoustik customer service number?

13237223333 They are on Central time

What company makes the splw12?

Power Acoustik.

is there a screen included with the Power Acoustik PADVD450 In-Dash Car DVD Player?

The Power Acoustik PADVD450 does include a screen so you can watch some movies and of course play MP3 DVD's.

How do you play video from ipod to power acoustik ptid7002nr?

It wont untill apple releases a update for ipods to work with Power Acoustik devices. its bs how they advertise there devises work with the ipod when it doesnt.

Does Power Acoustik have good consumer ratings?

Yes they get 4 out of five stars.

I have 2 15in alpine subs whats the best and cheap amp i can get for these?

Id go with power acoustik, boss. Id go with the boss before anything else. But I feel youll get more out of the power acoustik for almost the same cost.

How do you bypass parking brake wire on power acoustik?

This is not a good thing to do. If you are having difficulties with your brakes, you should take it into a mechanic.

What size headphone jack does the Power Acoustik dvd player have?

It uses the basic auxilliary jack found in common cd/dvd players.

If you have 2 12 Rockford Fosgate Punch P3D412 subs what size amp do you need?

"Power Acoustik GT1-2400D" OR "Kenwood Excelon X1200M" Amplifier

What is the model number and age of browning 9mm handgun serial number 69C19545?

No model number. Made in 1969. High Power is what it is called

What is the model number for the Kodak ESP 3250 power supply cables?

Model # vp-09500084-000

What is the horse power on an evinrude outboard boat motor with the model number e15reia?

1991 model, 15 horsepower