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Descartes did not invent polynomials.

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Q: Where did René Descartes invent polynomials?
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Who came up with algebra polynomials?

Rene Descartes

How did Ren Descartes invent the coordinate system?

Some math mathematicians say that Descartes inspiration came from being in bed so late. But, this also came about because of his love for math and all of his studying.

Who invented polynomials?

The first polynomials went as far back as 2000 BC, with the Babylonians.

When did René Descartes invent mathematics?

He didn't invent mathematics.

What were Ren Descartes' discoveries?

Rene Descartes invented the famous Cartesian coordinate system.He worked in the field of analytic geometry.

What are Ren Descartes' contributions to mathematics?

Rene desscartes was the father of mathematics.

Did René Descartes invent the first calculator?

No. It was Blaise Pascal.

Did descartes invent the system of naming the chemical elements?


What city was Ren Descartes born in?

== == Oddly enough, the place now called Descartes. Initially called La Haye en Touraine, the town was renamed La Haye-Descartes in 1802 in his honour, and then renamed again to Descartes in 1967.

What are the main coordinates invented by Descartes?

Descartes did not invent any main coordinates, but he did invent the cartesian plane. Being one of the most important aspects in coordinate geometry it is used up to this day.

When did Renee Descartes invent the Cartesian Coordinate system?

Cogito Ergo Sum.

How did Rene Descartes invent scientific notation?

He developed the concepts which were set out by Archimedes.