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Why did the snowflake fall? it should have waited for the chicken to cross the road first.

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Q: Where did the biggest snowflake fall?
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What was the biggest reported snowflake to fall in North America?

15 inches

How big was the biggest snowflake ever recorded and where did it fall?

1foot wide and 6 inches tall in Greenland

What was the biggest snowflake in the world?

38 centimeters

Does snow fall in America?

yes it does the biggest snowflake in the world was found there. Yep i Live In America && It Snows Every Winter! :3

How many feet does a snowflake fall per minute?


How big was the biggest snowflake in the world?

On January 28, 1887, a snowflake observed in Fort Keogh, Montana, was logged at nearly 15 inches in diameter.

Where in the UK does a single snowflake have to fall for it to be an officially White Christmas?


What is the Biggest Snowflake ever recorded in width?

the biggest snow flake recorded was most likely about to be 15 in other words(38cm)

Is each snowflake always a different shape?

They fall in Different shape but they are the same shape

Is a snowflake the same as an ice cube?

No! Snowflakes fall out of the sky ... ice cubes are created in the freezer.

What is a 3D snowflake?

Snowflakes are conglomerations of frozen ice crystals, which fall through the Earth's atmosphere. They begin as two snow crystals that develop when microscopic supercooled cloud droplets freeze. Snowflakes come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Complex shapes emerge as the flake moves through differing temperature and humidity ranges. A 3D snowflake is a snowflake with three dimensions: length, width, and depth (like a real snowflake). This is opposed to a 2D snowflake that has only length and width (like a drawing of a snowflake).

What is the word for snowflake in latin?


What part of speech is snowflake?

Snowflake is a noun.

Can snowflake be the same as a other snowflake?

no never

Where did hoda get her snowflake earrings?

Snowflake earrings that Hoda wears

What kind of compound word is snowflake?

As in...........

Where is the Snowflake Heritage Foundation in Snowflake Arizona located?

The address of the Snowflake Heritage Foundation is: 1020 W Flake Ave, Snowflake, AZ 85937-5093

Where is the Snowflake-Taylor Public Library in Snowflake located?

The address of the Snowflake-Taylor Public Library is: 418 South 4Th West, Snowflake, 85937 5549

Where is the Snowflake Academy Foundation in Snowflake Arizona located?

The address of the Snowflake Academy Foundation is: 418 S 4Th St W, Snowflake, AZ 85937-5549

Where can you get ivy in pixie hollow?

you can get ivy in most of the fall and spring fields, or by playing Firefly light up and snowflake sweep

What was the biggest contribution to the fall of native Americans empires?

The biggest contribution to the fall of the Native American empire was the Europeans slaughtering them and killing them with disease.

How many fingers does a snowflake have?

there are 12 fingers on a snowflake.

Why is a snowflake called a snowflake?

Because it is a flake of snow

How do you say snowflake in German?

The snowflake is "die Schneeflocke".

How many spokes does a snowflake have?

A snowflake has six spokes.