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Q: Where did the term Cool million come from?
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When was Cool Million created?

Cool Million was created on 1972-10-25.

When did Cool Million end?

Cool Million ended on 1972-12-20.

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no not in a million years!

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What language did the word cool come from?

The word "cool", meaning lacking in warmth, comes from Old English. The slang term "cool" meaning hip or fashionable ("You are not cool enough to wear that outfit") is American slang - used originally in the fifties, and really hitting the mainstream in the sixties.

Is colby Thomas cool?

no not in a million years!

What is the African Luhya term for the English word cool?

The African Luhya term for the English word 'cool' is Eshinyifu.

What is the Latin term for million?

The English names for large numbers are come from the Latin names for small numbers n by adding the ending -llionsuggested by the name "million."mi-llion MillionBi-llion BillionTri-illio TrillionSo MILLION is Latin.

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cool cool pepsi cool is cool

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