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"Braille"comes from the name of its French inventor, Louis Braille (1809-1852). He invented it so that blind people like himself would be able to read.

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Q: Where did the word Braille come from?
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Where does the word braille originate?

The word braille originates from the man who invented it Louis Braille

Who came up with the word braille?

Braille is names after its inventor, Louis Braille.

Where does the word braille originate from?

Braille was named after the French founder of the written language, Louis Braille.

Can you give a sentence using the word braille?

Braille is a reading system for blind people. The book was written in Braille. She can read Braille.

How did Braille come into use?

Braille came into use by the blind people of the olden days.

Khushi in braille language?

The word "Khushi" in Braille language would be represented by the corresponding Braille characters for each letter in the word. Each character in the Braille system consists of a pattern of raised dots that can be felt by touch.

How do you get to the doted holl in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You have to use braille. if you look the word braille up in an encyclopedia,there should be a braille alphabet for you to use.

How do you follow the sequence of holes in braille on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You go on the computer and search the word braille.

Who is the person who made the word braille?


What is the word dots in braille?

(*As it is difficult to write out the dot forms in text, see the related link for Braille translations.)

How did Louis Braille teach blind people to use the braille?

louis braille taught blind people how to use braille by gathering some blind people and asking them what they felt on the dots and then told them what that letter, number or word was.

What is a 3 letter word for a braille unit?