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Happiness (15th century) is a form of the Middle English word happy (14th century)

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Q: Where did the word happiness come from?
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What is luhya word for happiness?

The Luhya word for the English word 'happiness' is "obuyanzii".

Where can you find word and happiness Or word that give happiness or associated with happiness?

The Greek language has all the right words. The word is "HARA"

Is the word happiness a verb?

"Happiness" is an adverb.

What is the Hawaiian word for happiness?

happiness = hau'oli

What is the Hindi word for happiness?

happiness in HINDI is "kushi"

How do you wrte a sentence with the word happiness?

Your happiness is my desire.

What is the odd word out of teaspoon lighthouse playground happiness newspaper?

The odd word out is 'happiness', it's not a compound word.

A word used to show emotion?

Happiness is a word to show emotions. Happiness is a positive emotion which is cheer.

What is the word 'happiness' when translated from English to New Zealand?

They speak English in New Zealand, so the word is happiness.

What is happiness in noun?

The word 'happiness' is a noun; the noun form of the adjective 'happy'.

What is a noun for the word happiness?

Happiness is a noun. If you are looking for adjective form it is happy.

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