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Q: Where do the commas go when you write something in millions?
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Do commas go before or after quotations?

commas go after question marks

Have you ever visited Gettysburg Pennsylvania Where are the commas go on this sentence?

No, I have not visited Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Commas should go after "visited" and "Pennsylvania" in the sentence.

Do commas go before considering?

No, commas do not typically go before "considering" when it is used in the middle of a sentence. However, if "considering" is at the beginning of a sentence, a comma may be used after it.

Where do the commas in the number 37251285 go?

37251285 = 37,251,285

Where do the commas go for the number 10000000?


Where do commas go after therefore?

Commas typically go after "therefore" when it is used to introduce a dependent clause. For example, "He did not study for the exam, therefore, he did not pass."

What do you go on your computer to write something?

word art

Where does the commas go in Do you go to school Shaina?

The correct placement of commas would be: "Do you go to school, Shaina?" The comma is placed after "school" and before the name "Shaina" to create a pause between the question and the person being addressed.

How do you write the discussion to a science fair project?

go do something else

Do commas go inside quotations marks?

British style places commas and periods that are not part of the quoted material outside of the quotation marks. Also, in technical applications or when discussing coding, punctuation that is not part of a text string should be placed outside of the quotes. Placing commas and periods inside the quotes implies that they are part of the string to be displayed.

Does a comma go before and after MD?

Not necessarily. Commas are a feature of sentence structure.

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Go to someone's profile, and write your comment in the box that says 'write something.' Then click "share."