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Hindu-Arabic numerals are what we use today which are: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 9

Roman numerals were once used in the Middle Ages and they are M D C L X V and I but they are still used for major sporting events, in the titles of VIP ... etc

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Q: Where do you find Hindu-Arabic and roman numeral system?
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Where do you find HinduArabic and roman numerals?


Where do we find Hindu Arabic numeral system and roman system?

alarm clock, doorboards ,etc

Where would you find a roman numeral number conversion CHART?

You can find a roman numeral conversion chart below in the related links.

How do you find roman number for 50 and why?

The Roman numeral which represents the number 50 is L

Can you show me a Roman Neumeral chart?

You can find a Roman Numeral chart below.

Where do you find the Hindu- Arabic numerals and Roman numeral?

the Hindu between Arabic numerals and Roman numeral is present in.the hundu is found in Arabic numerals.

What are 26 facts about Roman numerals beginning with each letter of the alphabet in consecutive order?

Arabic numerals replaced Roman numerals in the Middle AgesBrackets are used to increase the value of numeralsC is the Roman numeral for 100D is the Roman numeral for 500Etruscans 1st conceived this form of numeracy and they once ruled the RomansFractions were used to a limited extentGreen back dollars have the Roman numerals of MDCCLXXVI on themHundred thousand is (C) and once was (((I)))I is the Roman numeral for 1Jupiter their god was the reason why the Romans wrote out IIII instead of IVKilo means a 1000 which is M as a Roman numeralL is the Roman numeral for 50Multiplication is quite possible with Roman numeralsN is the Roman numeral for noughtOctoginta is the Latin word for LXXXPerplexing is how many of us find Roman numerals to work out todayQuinque is the Latin word for fiveRoman numerals are the numerical branch of the Latin languageS is the Roman numeral for a halfTwo million is (MM)Undeviginti is the Latin word for 19 meaning one from twentyV is the Roman numeral for 5Weight of CXII lbs is a hundred weight or as cwtX is the Roman numeral for 10Yesteryear's calculations of Roman numerals are not the same as todayZero was never used in the Roman numeral system because it wasn't neededQED by David Gambell

Where do you find Hindu-Arabic numeral And Roman numerals?

For instance on clocks and watches.

Where we will find Hindu-Arabic system and roman numerals?

The Hindu-Arabic numeral system is what we now use everyday and the symbols are:- 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 9. The Roman numeral system is what we once used in the past and the symbols are:- I V X L C D and M

What number in the numeral system does the Roman numeral MMVIX represent?

The supposed numeral MMVIX is not a Roman numeral at all as it doesn't follow the correct rule for writing Roman numerals. MM = 2000, V = 5, I = 1 and X = 10. The number might be intended to mean 2000 + (6 less than 10). This would equal 2004 and the correct Roman numeral for 2004 is MMIV I actually came Googling to find the answer to this question.I probably wrote it down to check out what it equates to in proper Dates. (May have been a Top Gear Episode).I would like to ask a bigger question.Why are all the wankers in the movie industry and TV, still using Roman Numerals ?

What is the roman numeral for 1234567?

Raman was 17yearold yogesh was 18year old before3year find its present age

Where do we fund Hindu-Arabic numeral system?

We find the Hindu-Arabic numeral system in everyday usage in the form of: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 9