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I had a 2000 s-10 and I replaced the mirror one from what I remember it wasnt too hard you have 3 bolts in a triangular pattern holding the mirror on from the other side of the mirror, You have to pull out a few clips from the top of the inner door panel just enough to pull back to access the bolts that hold the mirror in I remember on the 2000 you could pull out a few of the top door panel clips that hold to the door above the handle area. Then it was just a matter of puliing back enough in the panel to access the 3 bolts holding the mirror in and the electrical connector if your window was heated or had the defrosters in them. Sorry I cant be more specific if anyone else can add to this feel free but what I do remember was that it took me less than half an hour so wasnt too bad just a matter of looking at what you need to remove as you go along..Good luck

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Q: Where do you find a step by step guide to replacing a side mirror on a 98 s10?
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How much does it cost to replace a side mirror on a 2007 rabbit?

Replacing the side mirror will cost approximately $200. You can save is much as $125 by replacing the mirror yourself.

Replacing side mirror on Mercedes Benz c230?

The housing is broken not the actual mirror

Where can you find directions on-line for replacing the side-view mirror on your 2003 cavalier? and then go to vehicle repair guides

How do you repair a bad ding in the passenger side mirror casing?

You can repair a bad ding in your passenger side mirror casing by replacing the passenger side mirror casing. An auto body repair expert can usually repair the original mirror casing, but it will be more expensive than buying the new casing.

How do you replace the glass panel of the passenger side mirror on a 2001 Tahoe?

See answer for replacing the driver's side. Same technique applies.

How do you replace passenger side mirror on Nissan Xterra?

Replacing the passenger side mirror on the Nissan Xterra involves prying the housing cover loose to expose the fastener. Gently popping out the mirror assembly and disconnecting the power connections. Now reconnection and attachment can be done.

What are the steps to replacing an outside mirror on a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan?

You should be able to go to your local auto parts store and purchase a stick-on replacement mirror that goes right over your broken side mirror.

How to replace passenger side view mirror on 2001 ford expedition SUV?

Check out the guide to replace the side mirror on a 2001 Ford Expedition

Pontiac Montana Replacing side view mirror?

remove the inner door trim, pull the dust plastic off to reveal access holes, find the wire coming from the mirror [note the routing of the wire] carefully release wire connector [ if it is cold harm with a hair dryer] remove the three attachment nuts at the inner side of the mirror, you will need to force the rubber seal to release the mirror but have an other person hold it for safety good luck

96 se Pontiac Bonneville how do you replace side mirror?

You will need to remove the inside door panel in order to replace the side mirror. With the door panel removed you will find the side mirror is held in place by two retaining bolts. Remove the retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new side mirror.

How do you replace the driver side mirror glass only on a 2000 Toyota Sienna?

I have never had luck with after-market side mirrors if I could find one that would fit. I've had better luck using Safelite which is a national windshield franchise. If you didn't already find out, replacing the side mirror glass is expensive too. Sometimes a auto body repair shop will have contacts with mirror suppliers, but of course they usually want to do the installation too!

A place you might find a convex mirror?

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How many pages does The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side have?

The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side has 256 pages.

Where can you find a backing plate for the passenger side mirror on a 1998 Honda Accord?

You can find a backing plate for your 1998 Honda Accord passenger side mirror at most auto-parts stores. You can also find the backing plate at your local Honda dealership.

When was The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side created?

The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side was created on 1962-11-12.

Differentiate a concave mirror from a convex mirror?

A concave mirror is a spherical mirror in which the reflecting surface and the centre of curvature fall on the same side of mirror but in convex mirror they fall on the opposite side.

Why will your speakers not work after replacing the front passenger side?

after replacing the drivers side the speakers still worked but after replacing the passenger side none of my speakers work

How do you repair a side-view mirror on a 1997 windstar that doesn't adjust but the motor works?

Check out the "Related Question" below regarding changing just the mirror glass. That should guide you in getting the glass & plastic glass mount out.From there you may be able to figure out if the piece need replacing (junk yard, auto glass shop, ebay, etc) or the whole unit.

Replacing side view mirror Chevy Impala 2006?

Take the inner door panel off or loose so you can get to the 3 10 mil. nuts that hold the complete mirror on and take the nuts off and unplug the wires to it if it's electric and pull the mirror off.

What type of mirror is a side view mirror?

Its called a Convex Mirror

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Step-by-step of how to replace driver's side mirror on 1993 Honda civic DX. It's A manual mirror.?

someone please post how to do this, ive got a 95 dx and i need this guide to fix it, not replace it

How do you replace a mirror on an 04 alero?

The side mirror on my 2004 alero was knocked off. Its the passenger side mirror. How do you remove the mirror because the power cord attached to the mirror is still attached.

How do you replace the drivers side mirror on a Chevy Cavalier?

Remove the inside door panel of your Chevy Cavalier. Remove the drivers side mirror wiring harness, if the mirror is electric. Remove the drivers side mirror retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new drivers side mirror.

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