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The requirements for receptacles and any other necessary additions will usually be found on the blueprints. If they are not, its best to consult with the contractor or builder to make sure they are included.

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Q: Where do you find receptacle requirements back side of peninsula in kitchen?
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Wires bring the voltage source to the junction box of the receptacle. At this point they are terminated under the screws of the receptacle. With the receptacle screwed to the junction box and the cover plate installed the outlet is ready to be used. The last thing to do is turn the breaker back on to energize the receptacle.

What is use of neutral in a wall receptacle?

The neutral in a receptacle is the return conductor to complete the circuit back to the distribution panel. When a device is plugged into the receptacle this completes the circuit and allows the current to flow and the device to operate.

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Why do the electrical outlets in your kitchen not work when you unplug your refrigerator?

Shut the power off and remove the fridge receptacle. Look in the junction box to see if there is a loose connection in the back of the box. The rest of the kitchen could be wired from a three wire that has the fridge on one half of the circuit and the rest of the kitchen on the other half of the three wire circuit. The neutral would be the wire to check as it is common to both circuits.

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Is positioning the ground blade in the up position the correct way to install a three holed duplex receptacle by the electrical code?

There is no mention in the CEC as to which way a receptacle is to be positioned. The most common way is to have the ground pin in the down position. This way, if something drops on the plug (cap) when it is in the receptacle, the last pin to disconnect will be the ground pin. Some manufactures of appliances have 90 degree plugs (caps) installed on their equipment to present a low profile when in the receptacle. The ground pin in these types of caps is positioned to the top and the hot and neutral blades are below it. On connections like this the receptacle is mounted with the ground up to allow the appliance cord to drop down when it is plugged in. Still other applications will find the receptacle mounted sideways, usually in the back splash of kitchen counters when there is an absence of space to mount them vertically.

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What markings are on outlets for aluminum wiring?

Check on the back of the receptacle. There should be a symbol Cu/Al. This means that the receptacle is approved for both copper and aluminium conductors to be used on it. If it does not have the Al symbol on the back it means that this devices is not approved for use with aluminium conductors.

Do you need two circuits for kitchen counter top receptacles?

It's highly recommended. If you have two appliances that consume 1100 watts each, like a microwave and a coffee machine, that's already 20 amps right there (assuming North American voltage). Don't forget to use outlets with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) near any area that may get wet. <<>> Kitchen counters use a three wire split receptacle. The common tie bar on the hot side of the receptacle is removed. The red wire is connected to the top terminal and the black wire of the three wire cable it connected to the bottom terminal of the receptacle. The white wire is connected as in all receptacles to the silver coloured screws on the receptacle. The bare copper ground wire connects to the green ground screw This gives you a full 15 amps on the top half of the receptacle and a full 15 amps on the bottom of the receptacle. This is a dedicated circuit that goes directly back to the distribution panel. These types of outlet are spaced at six foot intervals along the entire kitchen counter.

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How do you wire a double 3-prong outlet with 3 different wires?

I am guessing that the three different wire colours are red, black and white. This is a connection that is used to wire a split receptacle usually in the kitchen for counter plugs. Look on the back of the receptacle at the gold coloured screws, there is a tie bar that connects the screws together pry this bar out by wiggling it back and forth until it breaks. Connect the red wire to the top screw, the black wire to the bottom gold screw and the white wire to the silver coloured screw. If this connection is made without removing the tie bar, the breaker will trip, as you are putting 240 volts across the receptacle's top and bottom outlet causing a short circuit.