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Graduated cylinders are marked with lines showing the various volumes that are reached by fluid in the cylinder. That is why they are called graduated. If they did not have such markings they would just be ordinary cylinders. So, you see what marking the fluid reaches. That's how you measure the volume. You are just reading it off the cylinder, much the way you read length off a ruler.

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Q: Where do you read the volume in the graduated cylinder?
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How do you find volume of water in a pipet?

Pour it into a graduated cylinder and read off the volume.

Using a 10ml graduated cylinder you can read to the what place?

Using a 10 ML graduated cylinder you can read 2 decimal places. This is also measuring volume.

Are correct procedures for reading the volume of water in the graduated cylinder?

Water in a glass graduated cylinder adheres to the sides of the cylinder, forming a meniscus which is an upward curve. When reading volume in a cylinder, look at the meniscus at eye level. Read the volume at the bottom of the curve.

How is the volume of water found?

To find the volume of water you must put it in a graduated cylinder. Read the measurements.

How do I find the volume of an irregular object using a graduated cylinder?

To determine the volume of an irregular object using graduated cylinders, you fill a graduated cylinder with water right to the top, then submerge the object in the water. Measure the water that overflows using a second graduated cylinder, and read the water level in it in cc's or cubic inches. That is the object's volume.

Can mass be measured in a graduated cylinder?

No. You mesure volume with a graduated cylinder.

What instrument is used to to find volume?

Graduated cylinder

Is a graduated cylinder used for?

A graduated cylinder is a usually glass (but some are plastic) quantitative piece of laboratory equipment. Graduated cylinders are used for accurate liquid measurement. To read a graduated cylinder correctly, the volume of liquid contained is measured at the bottom of the meniscus, which is at the top of the liquid, in the exact center of the cylinder, and not at the side where the liquid touches the glass (or plastic).A graduated cylinder, measuring cylinder or mixing cylinder is a piece of laboratory equipment used to measure the volume of a liquidit is used for the precise measurements of liquids.To measure volume of liquids.Pour liquid in the graduated cylinder then find the lower meniscus (lower meniscus's lower curve of liquid's surface) read the volume off the graduations.Measurement of liquids OR a container used to find the volume of an object in Liters.

What does a graduated cylinder calculate?


A graduated cylinder measures the?


A graduated cylinder used to find what of a liquid?

A graduated cylinder is used to find the VOLUME of a liquid.

What tool used for measuring precise volumes of liquids?

A graduated cylinder is used measuring precise volume of liquids.A graduated cylinder is used measuring precise volume of liquids.