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Q: Where does Tony La Russa rank in winning percentage among managers?
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What are the relationship between project managers and line managers?

The relationship between project managers and line managers is that the project managers divide the work among the line managers and the line managers report to the project managers.

Which NFL team has the best all time record from the begging of the NFL till 10-24-10?

Among existing teams, the Cowboys have the best winning percentage. As of the beginning of the 2010 season, Dallas is 467-339-6 all-time, for a .579 winning percentage.

How many managers have taken three or more different ballclubs to League Championship Series?

Among the managers who have accomplished the feat: Billy Martin with four teams (Minnesota Twins, Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees and Oakland A's); Tony La Russa (Chicago White Sox, Oakland A's, St. Louis Cardinals) and Jim Leyland (Pittsburgh Pirates, Florida Marlins, Detroit Tigers).

What occupation became popular among women in the early 1900'?

Secretaries and Managers

What is distributed leadership?

when leadership is distributed among top managers of a company

Is Among the Hidden an award winning book?

None found

Managers attempting to hire strikebreakers often sought recruits among?


Managers attempting to hire strikebreakers often sought recuits among?


What are the strengths of San Miguel corp.?

there is an open communication among the managers and employees.

What occupations became popular among women in early 1900s?

Secretaries and managers -Apex

What was Whitey Ford's position?

Whitey Ford was one of the greatest pitchers of all time. Among pitchers with at least 300 career decisions, Ford ranks first with a winning percentage of .690, the all-time highest percentage in modern baseball history. Ford's 2.75 earned run average is the lowest among starting pitchers whose careers began after the advent of the Live Ball era in 1920.

How did Bruce push the English out of Scotland?

By winning the Battle of Bannockburn, among other things.