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The fullback lines up in backfield, usually behind the quarterback, not on the line.

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Q: Where does a fullback line up on the line?
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What is a fullback in soccer?

The line of defense.Ex:GoalieRight Fullback - Center Fullback - Left FullbackMidfielderRight Wing - Center Forward - Left Wing

What are the players called who line up behind the quarterback before the ball is snapped?

First is the Fullback and in the back is the Halfback or Running Back.

Why is a quarterback called a quarterback?

In the earliest days of American Football, the backfield consisted of four players behind the linemen. The one farthest back from the line was called the fullback (fully back from the line). Two players were positioned halfway between the linemen and the fullback and were called halfbacks. The man closest to the line was positioned one quarter of the way between the linemen and the fullback and hence became the quarterback

What does a fullback do in the rugby league?

A fullback is very important in rugby league. They are generally in the middle of the park and further back than the initial line of defence. The stand at the back incase a player from the opposition makes a break and the fullback will attempt to tackle them. The fullback also needs to defend kicks. Fullbacks usually read the game well.

Where did the name quarterback come from?

the Quarterback is one quarter the distance behind the line of scrimmage as the fullback.

Was john riggins a fullback or a tailback?


How fast should you be as a 260 lb high school fullback with hopes of playing division 1 football?

Your seem too large to be a fullback you may want to try to play defensive line or tight end. A fullback should run around a 4.7 forty

Why are the backs called backs?

Backs are called backs because they are in back of the line of scrimmage. In the old tee-formation, the farthest offensive guy from the line of scrimmage was the fullback, because he was all the way at the end of the tee. Similarly, the halfback was positioned halfway between the fullback and the line of scrimmage, and the quarterback was positioned one-fourth of the way between the line of scrimmage and the fullback. Other formations, of course, are used these days, but the old names for the positions has persisted.

Is a 13 year old fullback that weighs 185 pound and is 5'11and can run a 40 in 4.8 a good fullback?

Not really you should probably get your weight up

Who is the smallest fullback?

i reckon the smallest fullback is Preston Campbell

When was Father was a Fullback created?

Father was a Fullback was created in 1949.

What part of speech is fullback?

The word fullback is a noun. The plural is fullbacks.

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