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Q: Where does the saying We're all in places with bright shiny faces and ready to start the day?
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Which their is it if your saying Their Ready?

They're ready. (they are ready) Their hats. (belonging to them) There is a hat. (a location) Hope this helps!

What is SpongeBob's favourite saying?

His favorite saying (or quote) is "I'M READY!"

where does the sun faces when getting ready to set?

The Sun sets on theWest hand side when its getting ready to finally set.

What is Justin Bieber's favorite saying?

his fav saying or word is"SHAWTY"if you ain't first you're la$tsingle and ready to mingle :)single and ready to mingle :)

Where did the expression bright eyed and bushy tailed originate?

Wide awake and ready to go.

What has six faces, but does not wear makeup, has twenty-one eyes, but cannot see What is it?

ready for the answer

What phrase did stokely carmichael use when he answered his phone?

Stokely Carmichael would answer his phone by saying "Ready for the revolution!"

What does french saying Pret pour l'amour mean?

ready for love lol

Is bubbly an emotion?

no bubbly is a feling saying you are happy and ready to pop with joy

What is God saying today?

Get ready, I am coming back soon.

In the book hatchet how does Brian indicate he is done talking and ready to listen?

Brian indicates that he is finished talking on the radio and that he is ready to listen by saying "over" after he talks is the answer.

Does 'are you ready' on LG say 'asswhole'?

No, It Says " Are You Ready " And Then Plays A Funky Beat, Maybe Some May Interpret The Bit In Between By It Saying , But It Was Not Put There On Purpose