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V-8 really doesn't have a carb. That is the air induction system. The underhood decal is the finest. Hopefully it is still there. Otherwise there can be some differences. There are quite a few hoses. Without the under hood perhaps a Mitchell Manual. Or call the friendly folks at Dodge.

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Q: Where does the vacuum lines go on a 1992 dodge datoka on the carburetor?
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Where are the vacuum lines on a Honda 400ex?

these are on the front of the carburetor after the intake

Installed new carburetor n now wont shift?

Vacuum lines installed correctly? Vacuum ports on carb. working?

Where is the engine vacuum hose for the 2002 dodge caravan?

any petcocks on the throttle body or intake are vacuum lines excluding fuel lines

Where do vacuum lines go on a 1994 dodge shadow?

The vacuum lines go to various places on the 1994 Dodge Shadow. The engine, brake booster, even the air doors for heat and AC all operate with help from the vacuum system.

How do you connect all vacuum lines to 1985 Pontiac Parisienne 305 5.0 carburetor?

To properly connect all of the vacuum lines on a 1985 Parisienne, you will deed a vacuum system diagram. the diagram is in the vehicles service manual, which is available at most auto parts.

Where are the vacuum lines for the heater on a 2005 dodge ram 5.7 hemi?

The heater/ac doors are all electric. They are not vacuum controlled.

What is the size of a vacuum line on a 1994 3.4 camaro?

Most vacuum lines are 1/4 inch, some that go into the bottom of the carburetor are 1/2 inch. Hope this helps

How do you hook up vacuum lines on a 1971 dodge coronet wagon with a 383?

go to the library and get a chiltons repair manual for 71 dodge.

Vacuum lines on 86 B2000 carburetor?

I have attached a link for the 91 B2200 vacuum diagram, it should be almost the same. is a great resource with lots of info on repairs.

Vacuum lines diagram ON a 1987 celebrity?

Go to this link and select your motor/carburetor...

How are the vacuum lines connected to the carb on a 1989 Toyota Tercel?

1989 Tercel does not have a carburetor, it is Fuel Injected. Wrong. My 1989 Tercel has a carb.

Where is the transfer case vacuum switch located on 2001 dodge ram 1500?

If equipped, it is on the top of the transfer case and has four vacuum lines plugged into it.

What do vacuum lines for a car do?

Vacuum lines supply vacuum for various functions.

Where is the transfer case vacuum switch on a 1999 Dodge Ram?

on top of the transfer case. You should see 4 vacuum lines going to the top of the switch

What controls the vacuum lines in a 93 Honda accord?

The vacuum lines, in a 1993 Honda accord, are controlled by a vacuum pump. The vacuum pump regulates the proper pressure in the vacuum lines.

Where are the vacuum lines located on a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Under the hood, they are plugged into the Intake plenum by the MAF.

Why does your 2001 dodge ram 1500 4 wheel drive not engage?

I would start by checking vacuum lines

How do you remove carburetor?

Remove all vacuum lines connected to carb. Remove shift linkage and accelerator linkage Remove mounting bolts Remove Carb.

Can loose rocker arms cause a carburetor to backfire?

Probably not. The backfiring is usually caused by a lean condition. Check all your vacuum lines and gaskets for leaks.

What are the correct ways to hook up the vacuum lines on a dodge avenger 420a?

get a manual and use lots of zip ties

How do the vacuum lines connect between the vacuum booster intake and PCV valve on a 1971 Chevelle because mine all T together?

the brake vacuum booster connects to the intake manifold all by itself and the PCV valve hose should hook directly to your carburetor.

How can I find a fuel line diagram from fuel pump to carburetor plus one that shows all the vacuum lines?

The best place to look is a service manual for the vehicle.

Vacuum lines 91 4runner?

where do the vacuum lines go on the 91 4runner

Where is the vacuum pump for a 1996 Dodge Ram 2500 5.9L Gas engine?

A gas engine does not have a vacuum pump. Vacuum pumps are used on diesels only as they do not pull vacuum from the manifold. Gas engines use vacuum lines (usually stemming from intake or throttle body)

2001 Dodge ram diesel cruise control light comes on but it does not activate.?

Check the vacuum lines on the driver side of the engine.