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Q: Where in the world are other then Newfoundland it is a standard time on the half hour rather than hour?
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Which is the northeastern province in Canada that has its own time zone?

All of Alberta and Northwest Territories and parts of British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Nunavut are in the Mountain Time zone. Some places in British Columbia are on Mountain Standard Time all year.

What branches of service newfoundlanders joined in World War 1?

The Newfoundland Regiment, The Newfoundland Forestry Corps and the Royal Naval Reserve. Newfoundlanders also served in other branches both in Britain and for Canada.

What did sir humphrey Gilbert do?

He led 2 expeditions. 1 to the new world but it was unsuccessful. The other one got to Newfoundland.

Who was wining world war 1 in the start of the war?


Why was Newfoundland against confederation?

Newfoundland didn't join confederation in 1867 because they were wealthy from their fishing and lumber industry. But in the 1930's during the great depression the world cut back on trade and Newfoundland could no longer afford to pay for its hospitals, schools and other services therefore that is why Newfoundland joined confederation.

What does the Newfoundland license plate say?

The Newfoundland license plates have many different saying and colors. Some are blue, red and black some tags say a world of difference, keep it beautiful, Newfoundland and Labrador.

What did women in Newfoundland do for World War 1?

they made stuff for the soldiers

What capital is dubbed the world's longest bar?

St. John's Newfoundland

What is the largest spring in the world?

The longest spring in the world is 967 feet, found in newfoundland, in the museum of springs.

What is the tallest and biggest breed of dog in the world?

The Great Dane is the Tallest and Biggest dog in the world

When did Newfoundland join World War 1?

well, they joined when britain was at war

Was there a world or local event that lead to Newfoundland's joining the confederation?

the building of the railway?