Where is -5 at the number line?

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Left of the 0 figure on the number line.

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Q: Where is -5 at the number line?
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What number is between 5 and 5?

There is no number between 5 and 5. It is the same point on the number line and a word like between would imply a space from one point to the next on the number line.

Where is 5.7 on a number line?

5.7, on a number line, is located in between 5 and 6.

what is 3/5 on a number line?

3/5 on a number line = 0.6

How do you put the problem -5 plus 3 on a number line?

Start at the number -5. Adding a positive number implies moving to the right on a number line, so move 3 spaces to the right on the number line. This gives -5 + 3 = -2.

A numbers distance from 0 on a number line?

A number's distance from 0 on a number line is called absolute value. The absolute value of 5 is 5 and the absolute value of -5 is also 5.

How do you place the square root of 5 in a number line?

At the number 2, draw a vertical line (perpendicular to the number line) and mark a distance of 1 unit on this line. Call this point X The distance from 0 to X is sqrt(5). Put a compass with its point at 0 and the pencil at X, and then draw an arc to cut the number line. That will be sqrt(5) on the number line.

How do you show 0.55 on a decimal number line?

how do you show 2/5's on a number line

What is the number ontop of the line in a fraction called?

The number above the line in a fraction is called the numerator. The number below the line is called the denominator. So in the fraction 5/7 5 is the numerator and 7 is the denominator.

On a number line which number is halfway between zero and positive ten?

5 (positive 5)

What is one bigger than -5 on the number line?

One number greater than -5 on the number line is -4.

Does the number 5 have a line of symmetry?

no it does not because . . . well, if you look at this number: 5, it does not have a line of symmetry going to the side, up or down, nore diagnal.

What number is halfway between 5 and 11 on the number line?


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