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That's close to Nairobi - according to Google Earth.

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Q: Where is 1 degree 17 minutes S - 36 degrees 49 minutes E?
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Where is 1 degree 17 minutes South 36 degrees 49 minutes East?

That point is near the city center of Nairobi, Kenya.

How many seconds are in each minute of latitude?

The latitude and longitude are input in degrees, so you might need to convert to degrees from degrees:minutes:seconds. There are 60 seconds in 1 minute and 60 minutes in 1 degree. So, for example: 65:45:36 south latitude converts to -(65 degrees + (45 minutes * (1 degree/60 minutes)) + (36 seconds * (1 minute/60 seconds) * (1 degree/60 minutes))) = -65.76 degrees latitude

What is 1 degree south and 36 degrees east?


What city you located at 1 degree S Latitude and 36 degrees E Longitude?

Narok District, Kenya is 1 degree S latitude and 36 degrees E longitude

What is the measures of the interior angle if its exterior angle is 36 degree?

180 - 36 = 144 degrees.

What city is 1 degree south 36 degrees east?


Where is 1 degree 17 minutes west 32 degree 36 minutes south?

That point is in the South Atlantic Ocean, about 1,140 miles west of Capetown SA, 2,600 miles north of the Antarctic coast, and 2,950 miles east of Rio Grande, Brazil.

What is the latitude and longitude of Regina Saskatchewan?

Latitude 50 degrees 27 minutes north, longitude 104 degrees 36 minutes west.

What is the nearest line of Latitude and Longitude of Niuafo'ou Island?

15 degrees 36 minutes South, 175 degrees, 38 minutes West.

What is the complement of a angle with degrees of 54?

Complementary angles combine to form a 90 degree angle. 90 - 54 = 36, so the complement is 36 degrees.

What is boise lattatude?

43 degrees, 36 minutes, give or take a few minutes depending on where in the city you are.

What is the latitude of Mosul Iraq?

Mosul has a latitude of 36 degrees 19 minutes North and a longitude of 43 degrees 9 minutes East.Read more: What_is_the_exact_latitude_and_longitude_of_Iraq