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IT is on the unerneath of the main Pedal gear assembly. Starts with a letter,then 6 numeric digits. there is a 4 digit numeric stamp as well!

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Q: Where is the serial number on a Monark bicycle?
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Need to know age value of a Monark Rocket Ladies bicycle Model 361A Serial 41699913?

The Monark Rocket Ladies bicycle is going for $200-$300 on eBay. Of course, it can go for more depending on the condition.

What year was Monark super deluxe model 649C SN 1676616 manufactured?

IF you are talking about a Monark Super Deluxe model bicycle, you should contact with photos of the bicycle for an authentic, correct response. THey have the paper archives of Monark.

J c Higgins bicycle serial chart?

I'm looking for the date of a J.C. Higgins bicycle with the serial number 705495

What is the name of my bicycle by the serial number GS070800543?


How old is a Monark El Camino bicycle?

I think they were only made in 1962 the huffy sister bike was a galaxy. like ford is to mercuy.ANSWER:NOT true. Monark El Camino was made other years. It is impossible to make accurate responses in this case without (A.) first seeing the bicycle in question... and (B.) seeing the serial stampings on the frame. Only then can it be determined what year, etc. NBHAA has ALL Monark

What is meaning of monark?


What year is your Hercules bicycle serial number oy-35?


Where can someone book a flight with Monark airlines?

One can book a flight with Monark Airlines in a number of ways. One can ask their local travel agent to book it. Failing that they can go to the Monark Airlines website.

What year is your schwinn suburban bicycle serial number BL556681?

Based on the date code for the letters in this serial number, it was made in February of 1975.

What is the value of a Monark Silver king Rocket Bicycle?

Monarch is the bike manufacturer, Silver King is the line, and Rocket is the trim package. The Monarch Silver King Rocket was one bicycle.

You got a monark silver king bicycle model number4416 serial number0341589 what year is it What is it worth?

It's probably not worth a lot, bicycles rarely become expensive collectibles. Check Craigslist and Ebay to find out what similar bikes are selling for.

What year was a Redline RL540 bicycle serial number RMCL601187 made?


What year was a ccm rambler bicycle with the serial number of 2H7513 made in?


When was Monark created?

Monark was created in 1908.

Are Monarch bicycles still being manufactured?

There is a Monark Bicycle Company (which operated in the 1940s and 1950s after World War II) and a Monarch Bicycle Company (which operated in the 1890s). Neither is still in business.

What year was huffy good vibrations bicycle serial number HC8430923 made?


When was Monark Starstalker created?

Monark Starstalker was created in 1977.

Where is the serial number on a Western Flyer tandem bicycle?

Serial numbers on bikes are usually found on the part that holds the crank arms to the bike

What year was a chain bike corp bicycle serial number 0180881970 made?

January 1989

What is the year of a Specialized S-Works bicycle with a serial number of 91J2058?

Contact website.

What year was Trek bicycle model Navigator 100 serial number WTU1F0247T made?


What vintage bicycle has a crown logo?

The crown is such an obvious and popular symbol that it has been used by several companies. Both Monark and Rex for instance have both had crowns in their logos.

Where is the serial number for a girls Western Flyer bicycle circa 1950?

look under the crank on the bottom of the bike

What year was huffy sportsman 3 speed bicycle serial number 0K826700 made and how much is it worth?

made in 67

Where is the serial number located on Schwinn 220 recumbent bicycle?

The serial number on a Schwinn 220 recumbent exercise bicycle is located on the underside of the rear stabilizer bar (the short bar underneath your seat). You have to tip the machine on its side, and you will see a white sticker with a small grid and several numbers printed on it, and that's where your serial number can be found. Yeah, I know... most difficult to access spot on the whole machine... of course!!

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