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The x-axis and y-axis are two lines that create the coordinate plane. The x-axis is a horizontal line and the y-axis is a vertical line. I'm sure you've heard that a million times, but here's a trick to help you remember...

x is left (try to hear the "rhyme")

y is high (to the sky)

Of course:

  • x goes left or right
  • y goes up and down.
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Q: Where is the x axis on a graph?
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Related questions

Where is x axis and y axis on a graph?

The y axis is going up on the graph and the x axis is going sideways on the graph

What do the x and y axis mean?

The x-axis is the horizontal axis on a graph. The y-axis is the vertical axis on a graph.

What does the x and y axis mean?

The x-axis is the horizontal axis on a graph. The y-axis is the vertical axis on a graph.

What is the horizontal axis of a graph?

The horizontal axis of a typical graph would be the "X-axis"

What is the y axis and the x axis on a graph?

y is the north and south lines in a graph and x is the east and west in the graph.

What kind of graph have a x-axis?

A linear graph contains both an x and y axis.

What goes on the x axis of a bar graph?

Usually the x-axis of a bar graph shows a control range, and is plotted on the bottom of the graph. Time is a common x-axis example.

How do you determine in a math problem if the graph has an x or y axis?

A graph has both an x and y axis.

What is the definition of x - axis?

The X axis is the horizontal(left-right) axis on a graph.

What is the name of the x axis on a graph?

what is the another name for the x-axis

What is the 0.0point on a line graph where the x-axis and y-axis cross a graph?

the origin

Where is the horizantal axis on a line graph?

its the x-axis on a line graph

What is the effect on a graph when you multiply a function by -1?

When a function is multiplied by -1 its graph is reflected in the x-axis.

Where is the x axes on a graph?

The x-axis is the horizontal line on an x and y graph.

How do you make a x y graph?

Just label one axis x and the other axis y. Voila!! x y graph!

What is the horizontal axis on a graph is called the?

x axis

Can you skip numbers on the x-axis on a graph?

You cannot do it as this will affect the shape of the graph. The x-axis, like the y-axis, must go in order. What is the point of them giving you values of x-axis if you can skip it?

Why is the x axis called the x axis?

The x axis is usually the horizontal number line on a bar graph.

What is the meaning of x-axis and y-axis?

The X axis and Y axis are the parts of a graph. The X axis is the horizontal axis, while the Y axis is the vertical axis.

What are the 2 types of axis on a graph?

x-axis and y-axis

The horizontal axis for a chart is called the x-axis?

Yes, on a graph, the horizontal axis is called the x-axis.

What is the y axis and the x axis?

In a graph, the horizontal line is the x axis and the vertical line is the y axis.

On a chart where is the x axis located?

The x-axis is the horizontal line on a graph.

How many times does the graph intersect the x axis if the discriminant?

If D > 0 then the graph intersects the x-axis 2 times.If D = 0 then the the x-axis is tangent to the graph.If D < 0 then the graph doe not intersects the x-axis.

Is a circle symmetric with respect to x-axis on a graph?

Any point on the graph can be the center of a circle. If the center is on the x-axis, then the circle is symmetric with respect to the x-axis.