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E = hv Where h is the Planck's constant v is the frequency of the photon and E is the energy of the photon

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Q: Where the Planck's constant equation apply?
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Why LED is used to determine planks constant?

led is used to determine Plancks constant

How are the energy and frequency of electronmagnetic radiation related?

We need to know the equation E=h where h=plancks constant . From this equation you can see that energy and frequency are directly related ( one increases as the other one dicrease )

What is the energy of a photon having a frequency of 410E 7 hz?

use the equation E = hf where h is plancks constant E = 410E 7 * 6.63E -34 E = 2.7183E -23 joules

Is gas constant equal to planks constant?

No, gas constant is having a value of 8.314Jk-1mol-1 Whereas plancks constant has a value of 6.6*10-31

A photon has a frequency of 4.0 multiplied by 104 Hz?

I assume the equation you're looking for is E=hv or E=hc/lambda. h is plancks constant and c is speed of light in m/s. lambda is in metres

What was Niels Bohr's formula?

(E) Photon=E2-E1= hv h=Plancks constant v=frequency

What is the wavelength of an electron moving with a velocity of 2.5 x 108 cm s1?

Wavelength = Plancks constant / (Mass x Velocity)

What do you need to know to calculate the frequency of a wave?

wavelength since frequency =hc/lambda h=plancks constant and c=velocity of light

Wha is a linear equation?

A linear equation is when each term in the algebraic equation is either a constant or the product has a single variable and a constant.

What is the value of the constant in the equation below?

That depends on what the equation is.

Where can you apply these models equation?

Equation model?

How do you find constant of proportionality using equation?

If the equation is y = kx then the constant of proportionality is k.