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Q: Where was Henry the 8ths parents?
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What is King Henry 8ths last name?

king Henry the 8ths last name was Tudor Henry Tudor

What were Henry the 8ths dislikes?


Who was the head of Henry the 8ths church?


Why did Henry the 8ths wifes die?

This is a rhyme for you too remember about how Henry the 8ths wives died. Divorced Beheaded Died Divorced Beheaded Survived

Who did Henry the 8ths older brother arthur marry?

Henry 8ths first wife was also the wife of his older brother (who died) - she was Catherine of Aragon.

What was Henry the 8ths phone number?

09972 675889

What was King Henry the 8ths surname?

He was Henry Tudor, just as our present monarch is Windsor.

What were Henry the VIII's hobbies?

henry the 8ths hobbies included shooting and eating by the way i

Who was the last of Henry the 8ths children to rule?

Queen Elizabeth I

What was Henry the 8ths interests?

music and poetry and watching plays

Who raised money for Henry 8ths navy?

Thomas Cromwell

What was the war of roses called in Henry the 8ths time?

The Cousins' War.