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Q: Where was the mier y teran report located?
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What was the cause and effect of the mier y teran report?

I do know but I wont tell you.

What did Mexico do after they heard mier y teran's report?

they banned immigration and placed custom duties on the Texans

What worried Mier y Teran about Texas?

The control of Texas

How did mier y teran die?

Meir y Teran committed suicide by sword during a battle between Mexico and the USA.

What recommendation was made by Mier y Teran concerning the control of Texas?

"Don't mess with Texas."

What resulted from the mier y eran report?

What resulted from the mier y eran repor

What were the six importend causes of the Texas Revolution?

Convention of 1832 Convention of 1833 Battle of velasco Mier y Teran Report Turlte Bayou Resolution Law of April 6, 1830

Who was the commander whos inspection of Texas ledled led to the passing of the Law of April 6 1830?

Mier y teran

When did general mier y teran conduct an inspection of Texas?

General Mier y Teran conducted an inspection of Texas in 1828. He was sent by the Mexican government to assess the situation in Texas and make recommendations to strengthen Mexican control over the region. His inspection led to increased Mexican presence and efforts to limit American influence in Texas.

How did the United States and Mexico respond to the fredonian rebellion?

As a result of the rebellion in Nacogdoches,the Mexican government sent Manuel de Mier y Teran to investigate.

When was the mier y teran report?

I think the Mier y Teran Investigation was an investigation from Mexico to see how many Anglos there were in Texas. Then they found out that the Anglos outnumbered them 10 to 1 they issued the Law of April 6, 1830.

What 3 actions did Mier y Teran recommended that Mexico take in Texas?

Mier y Teran recommended that Mexico increase taxes on imported goods that came from the United States, he also recommended that Mexico abolishes (no longer allow it) slavery, and finally, he recommended that Mexico stops immigration. (didn't allow immigrants to come into Texas - there were about 30,000 Anglo Americans and 7,800 Mexicans; the Mexicans were outnumbered by a lot.)