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Q: Where was zero living when arrested?
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Why did Zero get arrested?

Zero got arrested for stealing the shoes ( that Clyde Livingston was going to donate to the homeless ) out of the display.

At what age can you not get arrested anymore?

There is no age limit for arrest. Any living person may be arrested.

How many auburn football players arrested this year?

Zero M********ker! 2 FROM BAMA

When did Stanley get arrested and who does he blame it on?

please answer this guys cuz I wanna know, myself

Why did the wayans leave in living color?

Because they were arrested by Rick Ross.

Will a child get arrested for living on their own?

in the state of North Carolina if the child is over sixteen years of age no they will not but if the quit school. the parent can be arrested.

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What did Zero finally admit doing in the book Holes by Louis Sachar?

taking the shoes Stanley was arrested for taking

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Does an absconder have the right to privacy when arrested coming out of a hotel room where he had been living for weeks?


What does the zero-tolerance law mean?

Zero Tolerance Laws allow for no exceptions. For example, Virginia's zero tolerance law is that if a driver under the age of 21 is pulled over and is found to have any, even a trace, amount of alcohol in their system, they will be arrested.

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