Where were the first 9 plagues at?

Updated: 10/13/2022
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If you are asking about of the first 9 plagues in The Bible - they all took place in Egypt, as well as the 10th plague which was the final plague unleashed on the Egyptians which caused the Pharaoh to release the Israelites. Refer to the Book of Exodus in the Bible, Chapters 5 -12 for details of each plague.

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Q: Where were the first 9 plagues at?
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Did the 10 plagues or the 10 commandments come first?


What were the nine plagues?

I no some frogs flies gnats locusts water to blood hail death of first born darkness and boils but there were ten plagues

What is the river of blood mean?

its the first and one of the 10 plagues that appear on Egypt

What was the plagues that hit Egypt?

Cycle one: Plagues 1-3 (blood, frogs. gnats/lice)Cycle two: Plagues 4-6 (flies, livestock, boils)Cycle three: Plagues 7-9 (hail, locusts, darkness)And the 10th is the climactic plague (death of the firstborn)

Who or what were the ten players of Egypt?

plagues not players 1 blood 2 frogs 3lice 4 flies 5 pestilence 6 boils 7 hail 8 locust 9 darkness 10 death of the first born plagues were so that pharoa would let the Jews go and to prove G-ds power

What were the plagues in Ancient Rome?

the plagues were Gleniksons and maccafees

Were there ten or nine plagues?

No. There was a warning for each of the first two in the sets of 3. In other words, the 3rd, 6th, and 9th plagues did not have a prior warning. This was a punishment for Paraoh's not having learned the lesson of the plagues for which he was warned.Let my people go!Moses told Pharoah to let his (God's) people go, and since he didn't, the plagues came, ending with the death of the Pharoah's only son, as well as the death of all other Gentile first borns in Egypt.Another answer:The plagues WERE the warning!

What were the worst plagues at the time of Moses?

The worst plaque in Egypt was the slaying of the first born.

How did the egyptians handle the 10 plagues of Egypt?

That is not stated. What is stated, is how Pharaoh and his advisers reacted to the plagues. In the majority of the plagues, Pharaoh hardened his own heart; and in the first two, even his advisers did the same. Only later did their attitude soften. See Exodus chapters 7-12.

When was Altar of Plagues created?

Altar of Plagues was created in 2006.

Who in the Bible declared the first born sons should be killed?

One of the more famous counts of this was in the Exodus story. God sent plagues on Egypt. The tenth of the plagues was the death of the first born son in each household that did not mark their doorpost with the blood of a lamb.

How many plagues have there been?

there have been hundreds of plagues around the world