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yes results in maharastra

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Q: Where will you find aryabhatta maths exam results for 5th class?
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What is the date of aryabhatta maths exam for class 5?

the exam will be in January 2010

What is the date for aryabhatta maths exam 2013 for class 8th?

12th february,2013

What is the date for aryabhatta maths exam conducted in delhi?

it is in january,2010it is on 16th of January ,2010

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When will the results for Aryabhatta exam 2011 be declared?

27 Jan 2011

What remark will you give to aryabhatta?

Y did he discovered 0.. Very difficult to see in exam results.

What is Aryabhatta exam?

it is on 16th of january, 2010

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Where can you get sample papers of aryabhatta exam?

you can get the sample papers of aryabhatta at the official site of summer field school, kailash colony.

Results tenth class open school pune?

pls give my results of 10th class (open school exam)pune

Intermediate drawing grade exam's result of pune?

This would be the results of the exam. Each student will have results and it will all be averaged to see how the whole class did.

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