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13 + 7 - (6 + 4) * 2 = 0

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Q: Where would you put parentheses around the following equation using the order of operations to make it true 13 plus 7 minus 6 plus 4 times 2 equals 0?
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Where would you put parentheses around the following equation using the order of operations to make it true 6 minus 3 times 7 plus 4 equals 33?

It is: (6-3)*(7+4) = 33

Where would you put parentheses around the following equation 200 minus 90 plus 20 equals 10?


How do you know where to put parentheses in a math problem?

The normal order of evaluating operations is PEMDAS = Paretheses Exponents Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction. If any of these operations is to be carried out in a different order, you put parentheses around the operator and the numbers on either side of it.

Do you put parentheses around poems?


When a sign is not written between two numbers how do you calculate that?

If there are parentheses around the numbers (two parentheses for each number) multiply them.

What is the integral of e to the power x divided by e to the power 4x plus e to the power 2x plus 1 dx?

The order of operations is not clear; for example, what goes into the numerator and what goes into the denominator. Please rewrite, using appropriate parentheses. For example, if there is an addition in the denominator, put parentheses around the entire denominator.

What is the difference between information in brackets and information in parentheses?

well, i think brackets go around parentheses. it depends on what subject. in math brackets go around paretheses. soo..

Which of the following focus areas are OMA operations organized around?

Interagency planning and implementation; policy development; and training and education

Where would the parentheses go around the problem 124minus 6 times 0 15?

It does not matter. The statement, as given, cannot be made true using only parentheses.

Where do you put the parentheses to make 2 plus -34 equals -10?

It's 2+(-34)=-10 So put the parentheses around the -34.

What should be applied around numbers used to number a list in a paragraph?


What does Y with parentheses around it mean?

In the case of (x)(y) it is just multiplication of two variables.

Should parentheses go around a name of a book or movie in a sentence?

No it should be bolded or underlined

Where would you put your parentheses in 17-8-5 equals 14?

around the 8 and the 5

What are some of the roles that marsoc do around the world?

MARSOC stands for the United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command. This group is the Marines' contribution to SOCOM special operations. Special Operations forces have been involved in operations around the world including the invasion of Panama, Somalia and the War on Terror.

How can you write comments or disable a section of code by commenting it out?

I think you put parentheses around the code you want to hide.

how should you indicate that there are multiple polyatomic ions in a chemical formula?

put parentheses around the atoms in the ion and then add a subscript - apex

Is Order of Operations used around the world?

Yes it is!!

What is the property of moving around numbers and variables?

order of operations

When balancing a chemical equation do you alter the coefficients but not the subscripts in the equation?

Yes you are correct. You can always change the coefficients around if you need to, but never mess around with the subscript.

1 plus 1 plus 1x2 plus 1 plus 1 plus 1?

7 is the answer. The order of operations would be to multiply the 2 times 1 and then add the five other 1's. (Unless there are parenthesis around some of the numbers) Here are the orders # Parentheses # Exponents # Multiplication and Division # Addition and Subtraction

What is the definition of order of operations?

The definition of order of operations is to use the P.E.M.D.A.S.strategy. P.E.M.D.A.S. means Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Adding, Subtracting. You have to use them in order. If there are no parentheses, see if there are any exponents if not move on to the next letter. HERE IS AN EXAMPLE. You use these operations and use them in order. That is why it is called order of operations(30-3) / 3=9I subtracted what was in the parentheses which was 27 then I divided it by 3. Three times 9 equals 27, so the answer was 9. Also, if there is multiplication or division or even both, do multiplication first. If there is just division do that first then just go by the order. HERE IS AN EXAMPLE3+17*5=88i did the multiplication first which was 17*5 and I got 85 + 3 and my answer was 88.----------The order of operations is an order in which you do operations (i.e. Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction). PEMDAS is a good way to remember the order, but for multiplication & division as well as addition & subtraction, it doesn't matter if division comes before multiplication or subtraction comes before addition, as long as you are doing the problem from left to right for multiplication & division and left to rightfor addition and subtraction.For example:2 x 6 + 3 x 2 / 3 - 2 + 14First you'd do 2 x 6, which is 12, and then 3 x 2, which is 6. 6 divided by 3 is 2. Then you have to go back and add 2 to 12, as we skipped over the addition sign between the 6 and 3 to begin with. 2 + 12 is 14. Subtract 2 and you get 12, and add 14 and you get 26. This got a little messy, as you have to hop around to get all the operations done in order, but the order of operations requires you to do the operations this way. 26 would be your correct answer.

Where you use Partial Differential Equation in your daily life?

It's all around you, starting with equation of diffusion and ending with equation of propagation of sound and EM waves.

How do you enforce precedence in the formula in cell E1 by adding parentheses around the arguments in the addition operation?


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"type in your phone number here" and dont put parentheses around your number.

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