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Q: Which set of number contains all perfect squares 33,99,55,6636,9,25,10081,36,25,414,25,32,49?
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Related questions

What if a number not a perfect square?

It does not matter! There are more numbers that are not perfect squares than there are perfect squares and the universe has not ground to a screeching halt!

How are perfect squares and irrational squares same?

No. Perfect squares as the squares of the integers, whereas irrational squares as the squares of irrational numbers, but some irrational numbers squared are whole numbers, eg √2 (an irrational number) squared is a whole number.

Is the perfect square of 64 a rational or irrational number?

It is a rational number - as are ALL perfect squares.

How many perfect squares are there?

there is an infinite number

What are perfect squares?

A perfect square is a rational number that is the square of another rational number. 9, 16, 25, etc., are perfect squares of 3, 4, 5, etc., and X2 + 6X + 9 is a perfect square of (X + 3).

How many numbers which are less than 1000 have an odd number of factors?

Perfect squares have an odd number of factors. There are 31 perfect squares less than 1000.

How can you tell the value of a radical is a rational number?

If the number inside the radical is a perfect square or a ratio of perfect squares.

Numbers that have an odd number of factors are what?

perfect squares

What is least number of 3digits which is a perfect squares?


What is the next number in the sequence 25 36 49 64?

81. They are the perfect squares of numbers starting from 5.81. They are the perfect squares of numbers starting from 5.81. They are the perfect squares of numbers starting from 5.81. They are the perfect squares of numbers starting from 5.

How should you know about perfect squares?

If you have a number like 12 and you multiply it by the same number: 12 and the answer you get is a whole number, then the whole number is the perfect square.

What is the number of perfect squares that exist in base 5 system?

There are infinitely many, just like in base 10. In any base system, the number of perfect squares is the same. Take the natural (counting) numbers 1, 2, 3, .... Squaring each of these produces the perfect squares. As there are an infinite number of natural numbers, there are an infinite number of perfect squares. The first 10 perfect squares in base 5 are: 15, 45, 145, 315, 1005, 1215, 1445, 2245, 3115, 4005, ...

Odd number factors?

Perfect squares are numbers with an odd number of factors.

What are the perfect square's from the number's one through twelve?

' 1 ', ' 4 ', and ' 9 ' are perfect squares.

What type of number has an odd number of factors?

A perfect square has an odd number of factors. Factors of numbers always come in pairs -- except for perfect squares. Since the square root of a perfect square is listed only once on the list of factors, it results in a list with an odd number of factors.

Which perfect squares go into 101?

101 is aprime number....

Are prime numbers more or less common than perfect squares?

Any number squared except 0 is a perfect square so it follows that prime numbers are less common than perfect squares.

Why are perfect squares never negative?

A perfect square is an integer (whole number) times itself. E.g. 3*3 = 9, or -4*-4 = 16. A negative number times a negative number is a positive number. This means a negative number times itself would be positive. It also holds true for all squares, not just perfect squares. E.g., -1.3 * -1.3 = 1.69 (which is positive).

What types of numbers have whole number square roots?

They are the perfect squares.

What are numbers with with square roots that are a whole number called?

perfect squares

What is a number that has large integers as its square roots?

Large perfect squares.

What is the greatest perfect square possible?

There is no limit to the number of perfect squares. To find a perfect square, you simply need to pick a number and square it. E.g. 7^2=49, so 49 is a perfect square. As there is infinitely many numbers to pick, and as the larger a number the larger it's square, there are infinitely many perfect squares and they just keep on getting larger!

What is an example of a non perfect square?

Well, the basic idea is that every positive number is the square of some number. For example, 2 is the square of a number known as the square root of 2; 3 is the square of a number known as the square root of 3; etc. The "perfect squares" are the squares of integers. That would make all other numbers "non-perfect squares", though this term is not usually used in practice.

What numbers always have an even number of factors?

All positive integers which are not perfect squares.

The number of perfect square numbers between 50 and 1000 are?

There are 24 perfect squares between 50 and 1000.