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most PACs associated with interest groups can only collect funds from group members

interest groups can establish nonconnected PACs that accept contributions from the public

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Q: Which statement about political action committees (pacs) is true?
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There are roughly how many political action committees PACs in the US?

Roughly four thousand

PACs tend to?

PAC is the abbreviation of the Political Action Committee. The Political Action Committees usually tend to distribute money based on the party that is in power and the ideology.

Political action committees (PACs) are organizations established?

by corporations, labor unions, or interest groups to channel the contributions of their members into political campaigns.

Why does political Action Committees have a lot of influence over members of Congress?

PACs contribute money to re-election campaigns.

Who collects voluntary contributions from an organization's employees oe members for the purpose of expressing the interests of a group?

PACs (Political Action Committees)

Which of the following describes the unintended result at the federal elections campaign act?

thousand of political action committees ( pacs) were created to raise funds for candidates

Which of the following describes an unintended result of the federal election campaign act?

Thousands of political action committees (PACs) were created to raise funds for candidates.

How do political action committees influence voters?

Political Action Committees also known as PACs or Super PACs influence voters because of their monetary power. These groups are now allowed to collect unlimited amounts of money to support politicians, parties, or causes. This means they influence voters through things like TV commercials and other forms of advertising.

What do lobby groups and Political Actions Committees PACs attempt to do?

I have looked everywhere and i have not found the answer.

What has the author Frank J Sorauf written?

Frank J. Sorauf has written: 'What price PACs?' -- subject(s): Campaign funds, Political action committees

What are PACs?

Political Action Committees are the political arms of speacial-interest and other organizations with a stake in elecroral politics; They seek to affect the making of public policy and, especially, the outcome of elections in the US. CeCe

What are two common strategies that interest groups used to shape public policy?

lobbying officials and forming political action committees (PACs) filling lawsuits and lobbying officials

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