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A cylinder. It has circular ends with a rectangle curved between them.

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Is semi circle a 2D or 3D?

A semi circle is a 2 dimensional shape

What 3D shape has 2 congruent circle for faces 0 edges and 0 vetices?


What shape has 5 sides and 2 faces and is 3d?

A flat pentagon. Or some kind of circle pentagon breed...

Do 2 semi-circles make a sphere?

Half a sphere, which is a 3D shape, is called a hemisphere. The semi-circles in the question is a 2D shape and will make a circle.

Is oval a 2D shape or a 3D shape?


Is a dodecahedron a 2 or 3 d shape?

It is a 3D shape

Is the rhombus 3D?

No, it is a 2-D shape.

What 3D shape has 2 surfaces?

A hemisphere, a cone.

Which 3D shape has 2 circular faces?


What 3d shape has 2 circular faces?


What is a 3d shape with only 2 edges?

A cylinder.

Is a sphere a 2-d shape?

No, it is a 3-d shape. A circle is a 2-d shape.

What is a 2 d shape?

A 2D shape is a shape that's flat as opposed to a 3D shape which is something like a cube. Get it?

What shape is not a solid shape?

A 2 dimensional shape such as a circle is NOT a solid shape, while a sphere is.

What is 2d and 3d?

2d is a flat shape with only 2 dimentions (width & length) 3d is a shape with 3 dimensions (width, length and depth)

What are the release dates for Vicious Circle - 2011 3D Movies 2-1?

Vicious Circle - 2011 3D Movies 2-1 was released on: USA: 9 June 2011

Is sphere the same as circle?

A sphere is a 3-D shape, while a circle is a flat, 2-D shape.

3d shape with 2 congruent parallel bases?

It is a cylinder

A 3D shape that has 2 parallel and congruent bases?

No, its a triangularprism

Is there a 3D shape with only 2 edges?

Yes; A Cylinder.

3d shape with 2 opposite identical faces?


What 3d shape has 2 octagonal faces?

It is an octagonal prism

What has 2 curved edges 3D shape?

a cone

What 3d shape has 2 bases and a curved surface?

A cylinder

What 3d shape has 2 pentogonal bases?

A pentagonal prism

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