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3 + 14 = 17

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Q: Which addition expression is equivalent to plus 3 - -14?
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Which expression is equivalent to -11 plus -3?


(d plus 2)(-7)?


How can I evaluate the expression 16 plus 14 plus 9?

Use a calculator, or just the addition techniques taught to you in 1st grade.

What is -3x-5-14?

It is an expression that is equivalent to -3x-19.

What is -2x plus 14?

They are two terms of an expression

What is the coefficient of the term 13a in the expression 13a plus 6b?


What will be the result of the expression 14 and 23?

If you mean 14 plus 23, the result is 14 + 23 = 37.

What arithmetic operations does the expression 14 plus 7t 29 contain?

Plus and times (perhaps)

What is the answers for 7x2 plus 7x - 14?

There is no answer since what is given is an expression, not an equation. The expression is that of a parabola.

Which property is illustrated by this problem 14 plus 18 equals 18 plus 14?

14 + 18 = 18 + 14 demonstrates the commutative property (of addition).

What is an abrical expression of b plus 14?

There is no such word as "abrical".The algebraic expression for b plus 14 is b + 14

What best simplifies the calculation of the expression sixteen plus twenty-three plus fourteen?

If any of the following show 16+14 or 14+16 before 23 is added, then I suppose it would be the best of the following, assuming the context of the question addresses ways of figuring with addition that don't involve carrying the 1 and determining the remainder algorithms.

What is 3 plus the product of 14 and k?

As an algebraic expression it is: 3+14k

How toIdentify the addition property used to rewrite each problem 14 plus 102 plus 367 equals 102 plus 14 plus 367?


Is 6 plus 8 equal to 8 plus 6?

Of course it is. 6+8=14, 8+6=14. This is the commutative property of addition.

What is 3x plus 14 5(x plus 1)?

Without an equality sign the given terms are an expression and not an equation

What is -5x plus 14-x-2?

The given expression can be simplified to: 12-6x

Simmplify the expression -6 times 12 plus 14 minus 3?

-6 times 12 plus 14 minus 3 is equal to -61.

What is b plus 14?

It is an algebraic expression in the form of: b+14

What is The solution to 4x plus 7 - 9 -14?

The given expression can be simplified to: 4x -16

How do i change the order to find the sum 22 plus 14 plus 8 and find the property of addition?

22 + 14 + 8 = 14 + 22 + 8 [the commutative property of addition allows you to change the order of the operands] = 14 + (22 + 8) [by the associative property, the order in which the additions are performed does not matter] = 14 + 30 = 44

Is 14 plus 0 equals 14 Commutative Property of Addition?

No. It is the identity property of addition. The commutative property of addition states that numbers can be added in any order to get the same result. For example, 3 + 2 = 2 + 3.

What is equivalent to y equals x squared-6x plus 14?

There is no non-trivial equivalent.

What is 14(y plus 8)?

It is equivalent to: 14y+112

What is 14 plus 14 plus 14 plus 14 plus 14 plus 14 plus 14 plus 14 plus 14 plus 14 plus 14 plus 14 plus 14?