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(X - 30) does.

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Q: Which algebraic represents 30 subtracted from a number?
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Find the least number that should be subtracted from 1000 so that 30 divides the difference exactly?

which least number should be subtracted from 1000 so that 30 divides the difference exactly

What is an algebraic expression of thirty percent of a number?

.3x=30%of x When x=the number you are taking the percentage of

Consider the element Phosphorus 30P The number 30 represents the?

mass number

What number subtracted from 30 leaves 7 more than 35 of 25?

The number is negative 852.

What are the factors of 900 that can be added or subtracted to -60?

-30 and -30

What is 78 subtracted by 30?


What is the addition and subtraction connection?

If you add what you subtracted, you get the original number. If you subtract what you added you get the original number. 40-10=30 30+10=40

How many centimenters represents 30 kilometers?

30 kilometers = 3,000,000 centimeters. (That number not only 'represents' 30 kilometers, it's equivalent and equal in every way.)

What is 20 subtracted from - 30?


What is negative twenty subtracted ten?


A number is decreased to it's one fourth when subtracted by thirty so what's the actual number?

40 (30 must be 3/4 of orig number so (30/3)*4) pls give explanation?

What is the algebraic factorization for 30 a3 b2?

Algebraic factorization of 30a3b2 = 30 x a x a x a x b x b

What number between 25 and 40 represents a translation of a single digit?


What is algebraic growth?

The same as linear growth, e.g. start with 30 hats, buy 3 new ones each year. There is algebraic/linear growth of the number of hats through the years

What is the value of 3 in 34?

3 represents the number 30, it is also in the tens place

When 4 times a number is subtracted from 7 times the number the result is 30 What is the number?

You said that " 7x - 4x = 30 ".From only that much information, I can see that 3x must be 30,which leads me directly to the realization that 'x' is 10 .

Which factors of 420 when subtracted equal 16?


What roman numeral represents XXL?

XXL is a clothing size, not a number. You've probably transposed it from LXX, which is 50 + 10 + 10 = 70. If it were a number, it would be XX = 20 before (therefore subtracted from) V, which is 50, making 30. As XXX is commonly understood to be 30, then there's no advantage in less numerals used with XXL - so it is kept purely for sizing clothes.

How many neutrons does zinc-66 have?

36 The number of neutrons is the mass number (the 66) minus the atomic number (which is 30 for zinc and represents the number of protons).

What is twenty subtracted negative ten?

30. 20--10, two-'s equals +. 20+10=30

What represents approximately 30 billion bytes?

30 mb

What chemical element is represented by Zn?

Zn represents ZINC, having atomic number 30 and mass number 65.39.

What is lxxxi in Roman numerals?

The Roman numeral LXXXI represents the number 8150 + 30 + 1 = 81

How do you write 24 less than three times a number in algebraic expression?

Let x = your number;( 3 x ) - 24The 3x portion represents three times a number, then you subtract (24 less) the 24.

What is 18x -12?