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Q: Which astraunaut took pennies into space?
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Who was the first astraunaut to go on the space?

The Russian, Yuri Gagarin.

What does Eva mean for an astraunaut?

Extra Vehicular Activity, in other words, anything done outside the space craft like space walking.

Was Neil-Armstrong the most famous astraunaut in the world?

The most famous is, without doubt, Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space.

What did Mae Jemison do before she became an astraunaut?

She was a dancer. She was also a doctor in the Peace Corps.

How much space would a million pennies cover?

a million of inches

Can an astraunaut land on the dark side on the moon?

Yes, it's physically possible. But to do so would be nearly certain suicide.

How long will it take to get 100 pennies?

it takes at least 100 days in a year thats how long it took me

How did the pretty pennies take a stand?

They took a stand by picketing the Busy Bee store and getting a refund!!

What sea life have been in space?

someone once took a giraffe into space

How long is Dead space?

dead space took me about 5-7 hours

What was the name of space shuttles Mae jemison took to outer space?

She travelled on the space shuttle Endeavour.

Where can you buy pennies and pennies and pennies and pennies?

the bank!