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The number 5 in binary is 101

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Q: Which binary code strings represents the number 5?
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What is the number 47 as a binary number?

47 in binary code is 00010111.

Why is BCD code called a weighted code?

A: A Binary code represent a binary number etc. that is why it is called a weighted number

What is 100110111 in binary code?

311 The number 100,110,111 in binary code would be: 101111101111000111100011111

What language consists of only two digits 0 and 1?

Binary code represents text using the binary number system's two digits 1 and 0. The code assigns a bit string to each symbol or instruction. Binary is commonly used for encoding data.

How can you change the number 47 in Binary Code Decimal?

The number 47 in binary would be 101111

Why is a binary code made up of a series of ones and zeros?

Binary code has its roots in the past - when switches were mechanical, and only operated two ways - on & off. In digital circuitry, 1 represents on, and 0 represents off,

Which number would you find in a binary code?

The numbers used in the binary number system are 1 and 0

What is the purpose of binary code?

A Binary code is a way of representing text or computer processor instructions by the use of the binary number system's two-binary digits 0 and 1.So the purpose of binary code is to issue human readable code, changed to machine code (binary) that the computer understands and can execute the instructions.

What is the binary code for the decimal number 67?


What is binary code language?

binary code(computer science) A code in which each allowable position has one of two possible states, commonly 0 and 1; the binary number system is one of many binary codes.Source:

What does the date of October 10th 2010 equal in binary code and what is the significance of that number?

Ten in binary code is 1010 so 10/10/10 in binary is 101010101010

How is digital data represented by the binary code?

The Binary code represents all data in 0s and 1s by using a combination of these. Each number system and digital data like characters and other symbols can be represented in binary by a common conversion method for each system. Example: Decimal number 12 is binary number 1100. this is obtained as [1*(2^3) + 1*(2^2) + 0*(2^1) + 0*(2^0)]

Is binary code relevant to computers?

Binary code is the system of representing text or computer processor instructions by the use of the binary number system's two-binary digits "0" and "1".So yes Binary Code is Very much Relevant to computers.

What is the binary code for 01001011?

That IS the binary code.

Excess-3 code for 4 decimal no is?

Binary code of 4 is 0100. To get Excess-3 code, add 11(binary code of 3) to binary code of desired number, here it is 4. Hence, Excess-3 Code for 4 is 0111.

How would you write the number two in binary code?


Can there be a number greater than 255 in binary code?

Yes, there can be.

What is the gray code equivalent of binary 1011?

I do not believe that is a valid binary number. All binary numbers must be divisible by 8

How does a computer represent numbers?

A computer represent numbers in binary code. For example, the number 17 would equal 10001 in binary code.

Largest 16 bit binary code number?

The largest number in 16-bit binary is 65535 and is represented by 11111111-11111111.

What number would you find in a binary code?

The binary system of numbers is based on the numerals 1 and 0

What is sequential code?

The code is sequential when each succeeding code is one binary number greater than the preceding code.

What is the binary code for the decimal number 14?

14 decimal in binary is 11102. In octal it is 168 and in hexadecimal it is 0E16.

What is ASCII code of U?

Upper case U in ASCII/Unicode is binary 0101011, U is code number 85. Lower case u in ASCII/Unicode is binary 01110101, u is code number 117.

What is the binary code for seventeen?

the binary code of seventeen is 10001