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classes from 8th to 11th grade Maths comes in BBA entrance examination.

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Q: Which class maths come in bba entrance?
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How many maths questions in bba entrance exam?

hwo many maths questions in bba entrance exam

You are studying in class 11th and you are planning to do BBA after 12thBut the problem is that you have not taken maths in class 10th and had not taken maths in 12th will you get admission for BBA?

I have science in 11th --can i do BBA after taking science

Is maths necessary for bba?

is pure maths is necessary in doing bba

Sample papers for bba entrance exam?

sample papers for bba entrance

Can a commerce student without maths get admission in BBA?

commerce without maths in scope

Can commerce student without maths do BBA?


Is BBA degree eligible for up btc?

is bba degree applicable for btc entrance 2012

Is there any entrance test for bba?


Can i do bba without math?

i am weak in maths give me options

Important question for bba entrance exam?


How to prepare the BBA entrance exam of bahria university?


What is material requred to prepare the bba entrance exam?


Qualification for bba?

For BBA student need to pass 12th wiht atleast 80% marks in commerce. And have to clear the Entrance exams.

Does maths necessary for BBA?

Yes it is necessary. Mathematics is a basic tool to communicate almost all science. BBA has so money courses supported by mathematics, for example maths for management, managerial statistics, theory of pricing and resource allocation, accounting courses and other. The importance is not only to pass the courses its application in decission making is also maths other advantage for student and proffessionals working on BBA

Previous year papers for BBA entrence exam free downloadms in ip university?

i need entrance model paper for bba in

Is bba sample papers available in market?

yes it is available ---- upakar publishers PC aggarwal, BBA & BBs entrance book

How you have to prepare the bba entrance exam?

There are books for the preparation on BBA exams but it would be helpful if you mentioned which college you want to apply to, some details change from college to college, however mostly the syllabus remains unchanged. You can also join entrance coaching classes for BBA, they always have the correct books to help you prepare. Hope this helps!

How do you study for bba entrance examination of ip university 2012?

International trade economics

Suggest some books for the preparation of bba entrance examination?

simple gk books

Is bba is good after plus two science?

Ya....but you must have the exact skills to study maths well

What is the Syllabus for BBA entrance exam?

BBA entrance exam set is held every year . It is applicable for science / commerce students with maths only with 55% marks in 12th exam HSC. the set exam consists of 4 sections general physics , higher mathematics , logical reasoning and general awareness after clearing the exams short listed candidates are called for interviews and group discussion round and as per merit admissions are given to the top colleges of India . BBA is highly recommended by MNCs group .

What type of questions come in BBA SMU?

only MCQ type of questions comes in BBA

You want to pursue your bba from symbiosis collage pune?

Dear friend TO get admission to BBA of Symbiosis you need to go through their Entrance Exam which is held somewhere inbetween March and May. Please refer their website.

If i have complete my 12'th in commerce without maths so which course i can try for doing govt. job?

you con do BBA and then MBA

What is the scope of commerce without maths?

bbs btm bba hotel managment