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Pre-algebra, algebra, college algebra, geometry, and trigonometry

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Q: Which correctly identifies the information covered in the COMPASS math placement test?
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What identifies map orientation?

A compass rose

How many types of reading comprehension passages are in the Compass reading placement test?

There are five types of reading comprehension passages on the Compass reading placement test.

How do you make 70 degree with compass?

you first measure it on your protractor correctly then you use it:)

How do you open the compouse Zelda twilight princess?

its compass for your information... and you find the compass in a chest in Twilight princess

How can someone know if your lying when you say you got lost because your compass said west and that was the wrong way?

If you claim that your compass is reading wrong, the person would simply have to check the device. A correctly functioning compass will always display the correct direction.

When In the Northern Hemisphere if an aircraft is accelerated or decelerated the magnetic compass will normally indicate?

correctly when on a north or south heading.

Will a compass break?

If you smash it with a hammer, drop it off a high cliff or otherwise mechanically destroy it, yes it will break. You can also cause it to cease to function correctly by altering the magnet in the compass tip.

Can you take a free compass test online?

You can only take free practice test online? I am not familiar with the official placement test you can take online, you would have to attend a testing site where the test is given.. If anyone has UPDATE INFORMATION, Please school all of us!

What kinds of information can be displayed in graphs?

Keys, compass, and data

What are some signs of ghosts?

Cold air, movement, and odd magnetism ( a compass won't work correctly). That is believed by some.

Effects of this magnetic field on a compass or closely spaced objects?

on a compass it caused the compass to point to the magnet instead of magnetic north, I think that South will point to the magnet (if I remember correctly) You can get around this by using our patent which allows a magnetic radio speaker in a radio direction finder to sit directly next to a compass - by aligning the radio speaker to sit directly south of the compass it does not effect the accuracy.

What is the circuit's total resistance?

You take the wire(s) that are in the circuit and place it on on a compass. Hold the compass still and the needle in the compass will move. However far that the needle is turned will detrmine how much resistance is in the circuit. (You know you have done this correctly if the needle in the compass spins counter clockwise.) Hope this helps you out :)