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Czechs and Slovaks

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Q: Which countries that had been united as one nation for 75 years agreed in early 1993 to divided themselves into separate republics?
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What country was reunited in 1990 after being divided for 45 years into two separate republics?


Russia was divided into how many republics and became known as the Soviet Union?

Russia was not divided into separate republics when the Soviet Union was first formed. The Soviet Union was formed when Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus and the Transcaucasian Federation (Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan) banded together to form the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union then added more and more republics. In 1991, the Soviet Union dissolved into 15 separate republics.

Which continent is not divided into countries?

Neither Australia nor Antarctica are divided into separate countries. Australia is a continent and a country in itself. Numerous countries have claimed territory in Antarctica, but the continent is not divided into countries.

Why isn't Australia divided into separate countries?

Because it is so small

What was the dividing line called that divided Germany into two separate countries?

d Berlin wall

Is France part of Great Britain?

no, these are 2 separate countries divided by the English Channel (North Sea)

When was Egypt divided?

3000 B.C.E. Egypt began as two separate and distinct countries that later unified in the same way that Modern Greece and Modern Crete started as two separate countries that eventually unified. Therefore the country of Egypt was not "divided" in the same way that the United States divided in 1860-1865 in the Civil War.

What is Czechoslovakia divided into?

Czechoslovakia is now divided into two separate countries. The first one is called Czech Republic. The second country is called Slovakia. I believe they separated into 2 countries on January 1, 1993.

What 2 countries was Tamil Nadu divided into?

Tamil Nadu was not divided into two countries. Tamil Nadu was not divided into two countries. Tamil Nadu was not divided into two countries. Tamil Nadu was not divided into two countries.

How was countries divided?

The first person in the world divided the countries.

What is the country in north central Europe which is used to be divided into east and west republics?


Should israel and palestine will be divided into two separate independent state?

Palestine was divided into two countries because two religion had it Muslim Arabs and Jews in Europe that why they divide it.

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