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From my understanding, Mexico, the Aztecs.

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Q: Which country discovered the negative numbers as well as zero?
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Can a rational number be negative in the denominator?

Yes. It can also be negative in the numerator. Both positive and negative numbers (as well as zero) can be rational numbers. Both positive and negative numbers can be irrational numbers. Both positive and negative numbers (as well as zero) can be integers.

How are negative numbers represented across mathematical disciplines?

Infinite. There are an infinite amount of positive numbers as well as negative numbers.

What is the middle number of all numbers?

It is zero because the positive numbers go on forever as well as the negative numbers so zero in not positive nor negative.

Does a metal or nonmetal have both positive and negative oxidation numbers?

All metals have positive oxidation numbers. Non-metals may have positive or negative oxidation numbers and some metalloids have both positive and negative oxidation numbers as well

Can a real number be negative?

Yes, real numbers include both positive and negative numbers. They also include whole numbers and fractional numbers, as well as irrational numbers (numbers that can't be expressed as the ratio of two whole numbers).

Can you have less than nothing?

well pretty much nothing. Unless your talking about numbers it's negative numbers.

How does weather use negative numbers?

When determining temperature in the negative range, which is more often seen in the Celsius scale versus the Fahrenheit scale. Negative numbers in Celsius are below the freezing point of water.Reported changes in tides and barometric levels use negative numbers as well, although the readings themselves would not be negative.

What does a negative plus a positive equals?

Well, depending on the numbers it can equal a negative ora positive or 0. Hope this helps :)

Can a set of integers include positive and negative numbers?

Yes. Integers are the set of numbers defined by {…, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, …}. All positive and negative numbers with no fractional part, as well as 0, are included.

Who invented country's?

country people and it just evolved overtime since the 1780s

What is a 4 quadrant graph used for?

to graph not only positive numbers, but negative ones as well

What are negative whole numbers?

do you want examples? well, its very simple: -1 -2 -3 -5 -11 -99 -111 -911 -1008 etc numbers that are negative is any number that is not a fraction or decimal and is negative (less than zero)