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Depends. Russia has a massive military, is the largest country in the world and has influences over the former USSR countries, however Japan has the superior technology, economy, human rights, and foreign relations. Whilst Japan relies on the more technical and modern side of today to be influencial, Russia relies on the fact it has a large military. So, both have their strong points and it's up to you to decide which strong points matter more.

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Q: Which country is more powerful russia or japan?
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Who is most powerful between US and Russia?

It is the U.S.A . that is more powerful then Russia.

Are Argentina japan Mexico russia australiabrazil Saudi Arabia medc?

MEDC (More Economically Developed Country): Japan, Australia LEDC (Less Economically Developed Country): Argentina, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia

Who was more powerful at the end of World War 2 Russia or the US?

After world war two the US became known as a power country so the US was way more powerful.

What nation did Japan fight to gain more power?

Japan fought Russia to try and obtain more power in China.

What country will have the greatest impact to the US in the future?

Well two but in different aspects, in the bad way it will be Russia, due to the fact that they are getting more powerful every day, but in a good way it would be Japan due to its development of insane technologies.

Who became more powerful than the emperor in Japan?

The shogun of Japan was more powerful because he had more control over the religion and control of the people

To what extent are the sudetenland 1938 and crimea 2014 the same?

They are the same in that they are territories (Sudetenland / Crimea respectively) of a weaker state (Czechoslovakia / Ukraine) that border on a much more powerful state (Nazi Germany / Russia) and which have a majority of individuals who ethnically idenify with the more powerful state (Ethnic German Czechoslovaks / Ethnic Russian Ukrainians). The leader of the more powerful country (Nazi Germany / Russia) then acquires this territory for the more powerful country by flexing his military might and hoping for no response from political adversaries.

Why does Russia have nuclear wepones?

Russia was the most powerful country in the world between 1947-1989.....and now they are 2nd only to the united states. If the U.S. were to get into war with russia at the moment Russia would win for it has a far more faster production of military supplies since its the most powerful industrial nation in the world at the moment. Russia for the time being has the most nukes in the world.

Is Russia stronger than the us?

No because the United States have more stealth technologies, more intelligences and more powerful than Russia.

Which country is the powerful nuclear power?

The two main nuclear powers are Russia & US by at least an order of magnitude above other countries. Russia currently has slightly more weapons.

Which country has more wilderness?


Which weapon does Russia has which is more powerful than nuclear bomb?

perhaps biological