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Q: Which country produces 97 percent of the worlds opals?
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What countries other than Australia have opals?

95% of the world's opals are found in Australia.The remaining 5% are mined in Idaho and Nevada in the United States; Mexico; northern Brazil; Ethiopia; and Mali.

What is the famous number one gem in Australia?

Australia is known for its opals. Australia produces around 95% of the world's opals.

Does Austria have fire opals?

No, I belive you are thinking about Australia. Australia is a country known for their opals. Austria is a country in eastern Europe, Australia is a country in the Pacific close to Asia.

Where would you find the worlds best opals emeralds rubies and diamonds?

Cooper Peddy In South Australia

What is the rarest type of opal?

The black opal is the rarest of all opals. It is only found in Australia. About 97 percent of all opals in the world are mined in Australia.

Where are opals mined most in the world?

Australian opal is the finest opal known and is exported around the world. It's safe to say that even the smallest gem and jewelry store in the smallest towns of the developed world will carry some Australian opal.

Which country is the biggest opal exporter?

Australian opals are exported practically everywhere around the world but the main countries we export to is Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, USA and Europe.

What main substances are mined in Australia?

Iron ore(World's largest supplier), Coal(Worlds largest Supplier), Bauxite(Worlds largest supplier), Gold(worlds largest nugget), Copper, Tin, Opals(worlds only source of black opal), Diamonds(2nd largest after south Africa but produces yellow diamond valued for industrial use), Uranium(worlds largest supplier) Natural gas(worlds largest supplier) Oil and Shale oil, magnesium, manganese, zinc, salt, nickle, mineral sands

Are opals natively Australian?

No. When opals were first found in Australia, they were not thought to be opals because they were a milky white in appearance. Opals found elsewhere in the world were mostly black.

Why are opals amorphous?

Opals are amorphous because they have no definitve shape. As an example, quartz has a specific crystal shape. Opals can be any shape.

Who made opals?

Nobody MADE opals. They're mined out of the ground.

What are food uses of opals?

Opals cannot be used as foods. They are hard, precious stones.