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We can't answer multiple choice questions without the choices.

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Q: Which decimal below best represents an elevation of 2000.502 feet below sea level?
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Which fraction below represents the decimal 0.06?

0.06 = 6/100 = 3/50

What is the elevation for below sea level in Maryland?

0 and below

If grade elevation is 18.00 is 17.00 above or below grade?


Lowest elevation in Australia?

Lake EyreSA15 m below sea levelLake EyreSA15 m below sea levelLake eyres in sa which has an elevation of 15m below sea level

What is the elevation of Verdant CA?

The community of Verdant, CA has an elevation of 197 feet below sea level.

The height of land above or below sea level is known as what?

Elevation or AltitudeAnswer #2:Ground elevation.

What is interior elevation?

the interior(more inward) area's elevation(hight above or below sea level

What is the highest elevation in the Arctic?

below sea level

Why is travel down into the ocean written in negative number?

It is because you are going "below" sea level. It is like saying going below zero, since sea level is at zero elevation. If you were to go "below" zero, you would get a negative number, the same with going below sea level. Since you are going below 0 [elevation], you write your elevation below sea level in a negative value.

What does the geographical term elevation mean?

"Elevation" refers to the height of the land above or below sea-level. For example, mountains generally have a high elevation. Coastal regions generally have a low elevation.

What is the elevation of your house?

It can mean the height from the ground to the roof peak, or the ground elevation above or below sea level.

What is the elevation of the Dead Sea?

It is 420 metres (1,378 ft) below sea level