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In terms of accuracy of digits:

124 has 3 significant figures

26.3 has 3 significant figures

30 has 1 (or 2) significant figure(s)*

92.56 has 4 significant figures

Thus 92.56 km is the most precise (having the most significant digits).

In terms of the distance measured:

124 m is accurate to ± 50 cm

26.3 miles is accurate to (approx) ± 8047 cm

30 cm is accurate to ± 5 cm or ± 0.5 cm*

92.56 km is accurate to ± 500 cm

Thus 30 cm is the most precise (having the least range of distances that round to it)

* Depends if it has been rounded to the nearest 10 (30 ± 5) or 1 (30 ± 0.5)

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In absolute terms, 30 centimetres is the most precise but in relative terms it is 92.56 kilometres.

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Which distance measurement is the most precise?

2.54 centimeters or 2.03 miles or 32.45 degrees 92.56 kilometers

What is more precise meters or centimeters?

They are both units of measurement. A 100 centimeters equals a metre. They are equally precise.

Why is centimeters the best to measure your height?

it is the most precise form of measurement

If a meter stick markings centimeters what could be a precise and accurate measurement of your foot?

1 meter

Is it true that an answer is as precise as the most precise measurement from which it was calculated?

No. An answer is only as precise as the least precise measurement from which it was calculated.

What measurement is more precise and accurate?

What determines how precise a measurement is

Can you measure a computer mouse in centimeters or millimeters?

You could measure it in both. If you are looking for a precise measurement, use millineters. If you want a quick, general, easy-to-use answer, do centimeters.

How do you get a precise measurement to the nearest millimeter?

a millimeter equals 10 centimeters, and 10 centimeters equals an inch. so you would take the inches and count the centimeters, then count 10 millimeter per centimeter

How would you get a precise measurement of 4 centimeters to the nearest millimeter?

A CENTIMETRE equals 10Millimetre and so your ANSWER is 4X10 equals 40mm EXACTLY.

A measurement can be precise without being accurate?

You can make a very precise measurement with a poorly calibrated device.

What is more precise kilometers or meters?

By unit of length and distance and conversion ,we can say that 1 km =1000 m metres are more precise than km

What measurement is less precise cups or milliliters?

cups is less precise.

Is less precise instrument always more accurate?

No. Accurate relates to how close the actual measurement the instrument measures. Precise relates to how much detail the instrument gives when measuring. They are independent to each other: An measurement can be precise and accurate (eg the value of π is 3.141592654) An measurement can be precise and inaccurate (eg the value of π is 1.733677432) An measurement can be less precise and accurate (eg the value of π is 3.14) An measurement can be less precise and inaccurate (eg the value of π is 1.73).

What measurement device produces the most precise measurement?

measuring tape

Which measurement is more precise 19.2cm or 20 cm?

19.2cm is more precise

Is an accurate measurement always a precise measurement?

No, because a value measured 10 times can be very close to each other (precise) but very far from the actual measurement of the object.

Is a accurate measurement automatically precise?

An automatically measurement has a higher precision than a manually measurement.

How many miles is it from USA's West to East coast?

The precise distance depends on the exact latitude where you make the measurement but it is approximately 3000 miles.

How many centimeters in 2inches?

To be precise 5.08.

What is more precise a meter of centimeters?


How many kilometers is it from London England to Hampton Preparatory Texas?

The distance between the above places is 6007 kms. This distance is point to point straight distance. The actual distance may vary according to the flight path chosen. Also this is not the airport to airport precise distance.

Which is more precise 25 quarts or 38 pints?

A measurement in pints is more precise.

Tell which measurement is more precise 58 yards or 51 feet?

They are equally precise.

What is the precise measurement of 6 cm or 2.5 cm?

2.5 cm is more precise.

A precise measurement is one that?

Is as exact as possible