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pentagonal prism

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Q: Which does not have a rectangular face square pyramid or hexagonal pyramid?
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Related questions

Does a hexagonal pyramid have a rectangular face?

No a hexagonal pyramid has a base of a octagon and six triangles. (:

How is hexagonal prism different to a hexagonal pyramid?

A hexagonal prism has 2 hexagon faces and a hexagonal pyramid has 1 hexagonal face.

What is the shape that has a pyramid w one fewer face than a square pyramid?

rectangular prism pyramid

How many face a rectangular pyramid have?

5 faces. It is the same for a triangular and square pyramid too.

What is the difference between a square pyramid and a rectangular pyramid?

the difference between them is that the bottom face is different one of them is a rectangle and one of them is a square

What 3d shape has 1 rectangular face?

square base pyramid

How many face does a hexagonal prism have?

A hexagonal prism has 6 rectangular faces.

What shape has one hexagonal face and the rest are triangles?

A hexagonal pyramid.

Does a rectangular pyramid have 5 faces?

Yes. 1 face is a square, and 4 are triangles.

A square based pyramid has how many rectangular faces?

One, though it's technically a square - hence why it is called a square pyramid. By definition, a square pyramid has one square face. It also has four triangular faces which meet at the apex (the tip) of the pyramid.

What shape has 6 triangular faces and one hexagonal face?

hexagonal pyramid

What has 5 face's?

a triangular prism, square based pyramid, rectangular prism and much more

How is a hexagonal prism and a hexagonal pyramid alike?

Both have at least one hexagonal face (base) ?

How is a hexagonal pyramid and hexagonal prism alike and different?

They are both polyhedra. Both have at least one hexagonal face. A 6-pyramid has only one hexagonal face, a 6-prism has 2. A 6-pyramid has only 7 face, a 6-prism has 8. A 6-pyramid has only 12 edges face, a 6-prism has 18. A 6-pyramid has only 7 vertices, a 6-prism has 12.

How many rectangular faces does a triangular pyramid have?

0 because it is a triangular pyramid. A rectangularpyramid would have 1 rectangular face.

What has one rectangular face and the other faces are triangles it has 5 corners?

I believe you are referring to a square pyramid.

Is the base of a hexagonal pyramid counted as a face?


What does a rectangular pyramid look like and how many face does it have?

A rectangular pyramid has five faces. It has a rectangle as a base. From each side of the base, a triangular faces (four of them in all) come up to meet at a point which is above the base. Follow the link for a square pyramid, a special case of a rectangular pyramid.

What shape has 2 hexagonal face 6 rectangular faces 18 edges and 12 vertices?

A hexagonal prism.

Which solid has one rectangular face?

a rectangular based pyramid

How many rectangular faces including squares does a square based pyramid have?

1 rectangular face (the square base) and 4 triangular faces. Justin Dip(Math) Open

Can a rectangle be the face of a square pyramid?

no, because it is a "square" pyramid so thus forth all sides must be equal.a square pyramid is referred to as a "square-based" pyramid so the sides must be triangular; the basehowever may be square or rectangular, so technically yes, only one of the faces of a square pyramid can be rectangular.

Does a prism have a rectangular face?

This depends on whether or not the prism is a rectangular prism or not. Simple shape prisms (rectangular, triangle, octagonal, hexagonal) all have rectangular faces.

What does a rectangular pyramid look like?

A rectangular pyramid isn't a real shape.It's called a square based pyramid.This is what it looks like... CONE IS ABOVE. SQUARE BASED PYRAMID this is a net of a square based pyramid (what a 3d shape will look like if we take it apart... ok hope you learned something bye

What geometric figure has eight edges and one rectangular face?

A rectangular pyramid.