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A 24-hour News channel does not show a factorization ...

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2 x 3 x 5 x 7 x 11 x 13

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Q: Which does not show a factorization that includes only prime numbers?
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Does a prime factorization have to have only 2 numbers?


Is 3x5x4 a prime factorization of 60?

No, 3x5x4 is not a prime factorization of 60. A prime factorization of 60 would consist of only prime numbers. The prime factorization of 60 is 2x2x3x5.

Is it true that the prime factorization of any composite number includes three or more prime numbers?

no, for example the prime factorization of 4 is,{2,2} it only has two factors and one unique factor 2

What are two prime numbers for 64?

The prime factorization of 64 is 2x2x2x2x2x2 or 26. 2 is the only prime number in the factorization of 64.

How many prime numbers are in the prime factorization of 361?

Only one - which is repeated.

Why do you say the prime factorization instead a prime factorization?

Saying "The" Instead of "A"The prime factorization is used instead of a prime factorization because there is only one correct prime factorization of any given number. Of course, that refers to composite numbers because prime numbers have no prime factorization.The use of the word "a" implies that more than one prime factorization is possible when it's not. The use of the word "the" signifies that only one prime factorization is possible, though there are various ways to arrive at it.

Why woul you determine prime factorization of only composite numbers?

Since prime numbers only have one prime factor (themselves), they don't have prime factorizations.

Can two numbers have the same prime factorization?

No, multiplying a set of numbers can only come out as one product. Therefore, two numbers having the same prime factorization is impossible.

Can a number over 100 only have 1 in its prime factorization?

1 is not a prime number, so it wouldn't be present in any prime factorization. Prime numbers don't really have factorizations, that is, the factorization is the number itself. There are prime numbers greater than 100.

Which numbers between 20 and 100 have prime factorization of only 2's?

32 and 64 are the only two numbers which have prime factorization of only 2's. 32 = 25, 64 = 26

What kind of numbers must always use with a prime factorization?

Only composite numbershave prime factorizations. Prime factorizations must consist of only prime numbers.

Can 2 numbers have the same prime factorization?

Only if they're the same number. Every composite number has a unique prime factorization.