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What is the number when two times a number plus 5 equals 25

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Q: Which equation should be used to solve this problem There is a number that is 8 less than the sum of 20 plus 12 Find the number?
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How do you find a problem number in a equation?

You solve the equation.

How do you solve the math problem What is my number?

use one step equation.

How solve this problem 32.5100?

32.5100 has excactly the same value as 32.51

What step should you do before you write an equation to solve a word problem?

you shall add

Write an equation to solve this problem what number is 25 percent of 4?

4 x .25 = 1

In a math problem what is parenthesis?

Parentheses is when you are doing an equation, and you solve the problem.

Which equation would you use to solve the following word problem?

There was no word problem, so it would be a null equation.

Solve the equation and explain the steps you use used to solve 744 31?

The answer to 744 times 31 equals 23064. To solve this math problem you will have to take the number 744 and add it 31 times.

What do you do before you solve a math equation?

State the problem

What does solve an equation mean?

an equation is a number sentence with and = sign

How do you solve 6.021023?

6.021023 is a single number: not an equation or inequality. You cannot solve a single number!

How do you solve a whole number equation?

evaluate the equation, find the answer check the answer

How do you solve number of protons?

You can use the atomic number. It will solve your problem.

What is used to solve a problem?

Trial and Error in science, or else you can use a (chemical) equation to solve and check.

How do you find the number n in a equation?

Through a process called solving the equation. How do I solve the equation

How do you solve the equation 71331 divided by 93?


How do you solve absolute-value equations and inequalites?

Absolute Value means the distance from 0, and so you should solve the equation with the number inside the Absolute Value lines as a positive and then solve again as a negative.

How can you write an equation in two variable to solve a problem?

A linear equation in two variables will give an infinite number of solutions. These will comprise the coordinates of points along a straight line in 2-dimensional space.

What number when substituded for the variable in an equation makes the equation true?

you have to solve the actual equation in order to answer this about your variable

How do you solve linear problem?

If you are trying to solve a linear equation and facing difficulty in doing so then try to understand that the variable which u have taken is depending on what factor..and equate it with the doing this you will be able to solve the equation.

Given a number. square it. then subtract the sum of twice the number and 4 The result is zero. Find the number?

You want to create an equation for this. The equation should look like this: x^2 - 2x + 4 = 0 Use the quadratic equation to solve it.

What is the limitation of Schrodinger equations and how spherical polar coordination should solve the problem?

the schrodinger wave equation was not able to solve the energy associated with multi-electron atoms. as the no. of electron increases the dimentions also increased hence the problem was solved by spherical polar coordinates .

You are thinking of a number and 5 less than 3 times the number is 16 how do you write an equation to solve this problem?

if n is your number, then 3n - 5 = 16, ie 3n = 21 ie n = 7.

How do you solve math problem 100 -x?

You cannot "solve" 100 -x since it is neither an equation nor an inequality.

How do you solve speed word problems?

Use the equation, speed = distance / time, substitute in the given information from the problem and solve it.

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