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Which expression is equivalent to b b b b?

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bubble bubble bubble bubble

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Q: Which expression is equivalent to b b b b?
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How do you write each subtraction expression as an equivalent addition expression?

A - B = A + (-B) A - B = A + (-B) A - B = A + (-B) A - B = A + (-B)

Which expression is equivalent to 7 plus b-b?


How can you write the expression a plus b plus a-b in equivalent form not involving absolute value.?

The expression (a+b) + (a-b) can be rewritten as a + b + a - b = 2a.There is no need to use absolute value.

What is the fundamental theory of calculus?

The fundamental theorum of calculus states that a definite integral from a to b is equivalent to the antiderivative's expression of b minus the antiderivative expression of a.

Which expression is equivalent to 9aaaabbbb?

9aaaabbbb = 9 a^4 b^4

What is an equivalent expression for 12A plus 12b?

When factored it is: 12(A+b)

What expression is equivalent to b plus h times b plus h?

(b+h)(b+h)= b2+2hb+h2.

What values are equivalent to the boolean expression a or b and c or d?

a + bc + d

What is equivalent to the expression 5a plus 5b?

it think ot is 5(a+b)

Which expression is equivalent to (3a b)(2a - 4b)?

6a²b - 12ab²

Which expression is equivalent to 1/64?


Which expression or phrase is equivalent to thirtyfour?

34 is an equivalent expression.

Students are asked to write an equivalent expression for a + b + c using the commutative property. Which student correctly wrote the expression?


How do you write a algorithm for finding maximum of 2 numbers in c?

You can use the ternary operator, in an expression such as: result = a > b ? a : b; This is equivalent to: if (a > b) result = a; else result = b;

What expression will have a negative outcome if b 41?

The expression "-b".

What is the boolean expression for NOR gate?

Boolean Expression: Not A and Not B (Not A + Not B)

What expression is equivalent to 8 plus 6?

The expression 9+5 is equivalent.

A verbal expression for 5 a-b?

A verbal expression for 5 a-b is that it is 5 is multiplied by the difference between a and b.

A plus b?

The value of a + b depends on the values of the individual variables.The expression a + b cannot be simplified.

What is b plus 1 as an algebraic expression?

b + 1 is b plus 1 as an algebraic expression.

What is the answer to algebraic expression b plus 1?

The answer is b+1. Therefore the algebraic expression for this is b+1

What is logically equivalent exprssions?

If an algebraic expression is equivalent to another algebraic expression then it is an equation.

What is the expression that is 4 less than b?

b-4 expression example b = 10 so b-4 = 6

How do you determine whether an expression is rational algebraic expression or not?

If the algebraic expression can be written in the form of a(x)/b(x) where a(x) and b(x) are polynomial functions of x and b(x) ≠ 0, then the expression is a rational algebraic expression.

Equivalent expression Answer 10x 11x?

The equivalent expression of 10x-11x is -x, or negative x.