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It could be: 6*(4+659)

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Q: Which expression represents a number that is six times as large as the sum of 4 and 659?
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What is a number or expression that represents the number of times the base is used as a factor?

An exponent.

What expression represents nine times a number and seven?

9X + 7

Which expression represents 3 less than four times a?

Let the number be x and so the expression is 4x -3

Which expression represents the verbal phrase the sum of there times a number and five?

" 3x + 5 " does.

Which expression represents four more than three times a number?

3n + 4

What expression represents seven less than five times a number?

5n - 7

What is the algebraic expression that represents the sum of 10 and 3 times a number x?

10 + 3x

What expression represents 16 more than 5 times a number n?

5n + 16 ======

How do you write an expression that represents 6 less than number times 5?

n*5 - 6

Which math expression represents the phrase 9 times the sum of a number and 7?

It is 9*(n + 7)

Which expression represents the algebraic phrase eleven less than seven times a number?

It can be: 7x-11

What expressions represents 5 less than 3 times the number m?

The expression is: 3m-5

What is an expression that represents 8 more than 6 times a number is 5 less than 3 times that number?

6x + 8 = 3x - 5

How would you write a phrase that represents the expression 24x 19?

twenty four times a number and add 19

How do you write an expression for five times a number plus three?

If the variable x represents the number: 5x + 3ParenthesesExponentsMultiplyDivideAddSubtractAlways remember this

Which equation below represents the expression, โ€œthe difference of five times a number and 8 is sixteenโ€?

I would say the anwser would be 11

What is an expression for 20 times a number?

If x is used to represent the unknown number, then the expression for 20 times a number would be 20x.

What expression represents 3 times the sum of y and 7?


What expression represents the product of 0.8 times 12?

0.8 x 12 = 9.6

How are the values of the 5s in each number related 5.005 0.355?

In the first expression the value is 91 times as large as it is in the second.

Which expression represents the greatest common factor GCF of 110 and 132?

Whatever expression equals 22.

What does 2pq represents in the equation?

It is not an equation but the given expression of 2pq means 2 times p times q

Which algebraic expression represents this word description: the quotients of four and the sum of a number and three?

Y = 4 / (X + 3)

Which algebraic expression represents four times the difference of 7 and 1?


What if your brother has x dollars. If you have 3 times the amount he has. Which expression represents the amount of money you have?

its 3x