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Q: Which famous longitudinal line passes through England and goes directly through London?
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What river is between London and England?

London is in England. The river that flows through London is the river Thames.

What capital lies directly on the prime meridian?

London, the capital of the United Kingdom, lies directly on the prime meridian.

How long to fly from England to Minsk in Belarus?

Air Baltic flies there from London Gatwick directly. Indirectly you can route through many European Cities.

What city dose the prime meridian pass directly through?

It actually passes through Greenwich, Greater London, England, UK which is NOT a City but is near The City of London. The City of London is very small in size and only a little over one square mile, which is less than three square kilometres.

What country Thames river London Liverpool Edinburgh?

The Thames goes through London, England. Edinburgh is in Scotland, not England.

Which three cities does the Prime Meridian pass through?

The Prime Meridian only passes through one city and that is Greenwich, England. Greenwich, England is a suburb of London.

What rivers are near London and England?

The River Thames flows through the middle of London. Other rivers, such as the River Lee, flow into it within the city.

What town in England does the greenwhich meridian go through?


What rivers are there near London England?

The River Thames (pronounced temz) flows through London.

Through what city does the starting point of lines longitude pass?

Greenwich England*******************Greenwich is only a district of S.E. London, England. So the answer is London is the city through which zero longitude passes.

What is the capital of the United Kingdom and what river does it lie on?

London, England. The River Thames runs through London.

Where the thames river is found?

The River Thames is found in London, England