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Q: Which figure is formed by joining the mid points of the adjacent sides of quadrilateral?
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What figure is formed by joining in order all midpoints on the sides of any quadrilateral?


How many vectors can be formed by joining the vertices of a given quadrilateral?

12 vectors, unless it is a parallelogram (13 if you include the null vector). If the quadrilateral is a parallelogram there will be two fewer.

What is a figure formed by three segments joining three non collinear points?

a triangle

What figure is formed by the intersection of two quadrilaterals?

It could be a triangle, a quadrilateral, a pentagon, a hexagon or even an octagon if they are two concave quadrilaterals.

Is a right angle a quadrilateral?

No... a quadrilateral is a figure of 4 sides. Trapzoid, square, diamond.... get the picture? A right angle is an angle. It is formed by two lines intersecting. They don't even necessarily make a shape.

What is a plane figure formed by 4 segments called side?

It is called a polygon. * * * * * Yes, but only if they are straight line segments. And, in that case, the shape is a quadrilateral.

Closed figure formed by 3 or more sgments that don't cross?

A closed figure formed by 3+ segments that don't cross is a polygon. One with 3 sides is a triangle, one with 4 is a quadrilateral, one with 5 is a pentagon, one with 6 is a hexagon, etc.

How are the adjacent angles formed by intersecting lines related?

the two adjacent angles formed by the intersecting lines will equal 180 degrees.

What type of quadrilateral is formed when you connect the midpoints of a rectangle?

A rhombus is formed.

Large compounds formed by the joining of small compounds?

A large compound formed by the joining of smaller compounds is called a polymer.

Is a trapeaziod a polygon?

Yes. To be specific, a trapezoid is a quadrilateral polygon. Polygon: a plane or figure that is formed by 3 or more segments, and each side only connects to 2 other sides.

What quadrilateral is formed by two triangles together?