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The flag of Algeria seems to be fairly close to your description. The related link shows the Algerian flag.

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Q: Which flag is half green and half red and also has a red crescent and a red star?
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What are the colors on the darfur flag?

It is green, red, and black. With a half-moon shape or crescent in the middle.

What does the green on Saskatchewan's flag represent?

the green half of the Saskatchewan flag represents the forest areas of the north..... written by a grade 5.

What colours are on the flag of the African country called burkina faso?

Half of the flag is red, the other half is green and it has a small star in the middle.

What are the colours on the Wales Flag?

Green across the bottom half, white across the top half and a large Red Dragon placed at its centre

When the US flag is at half mast should the Papal flag also be at half mast?

The Papal flag should be full staff

Can you show us the Siberian flag?

Half green on top right corner other half white

What does the Wales flag look like?

The welsh flag is green on the bottom half and white on the top half. A red dragon that faces to the left is placed in the centre of the flag. Please see the related link.

What is the definition of half crescent?

a half of a full moon

When less than half of the moon is lit?

It is called a crescent, and if it is growing, it's called a waxing crescent, otherwise, it's a waning crescent. So, when less than half is facing the earth, it is called a Waning Cresent

What is a kid friendly definition of the word crescent moon?

There are two crescent moons. One is waxing crescent and the other in waning crescent. Waxing crescent is when less than half the moon is visible on the right side. Waning crescent is when less than half the moon is visible on the left side.

Is there a country with a red and blue flag with no white?

Liechtenstein's flag is blue in the top half and red in the bottom half. There is also a yellow/gold crown in the blue part.

Which country in the British Isles is not represented on the union jack?

Wales.Ans 2 - Wales has historically been regarded as part of England since 1535. The Welsh flag is white on upper half and green on lower half with a red dragon passant. This flag can be flown alongside the Union Flag, but not above it, in Wales.